Happy New Year!! Welcome 2011!!

January 1, 2011

Cheers to 2011!!!

Year 2010 is a tough one, It’s a year of recovery from a great loss (my mom) from last quarter of 2009. It was also the year when I bid goodbye to a decade of service with Sykes. A lot of challenge made me see the value of life and realize as well the true meaning of friendship. I recollect 2010 and can only say, I made it.

What to expect this coming 2011 in pinoyphotoalbum.com?

1. More portraits! of people who will ready to conquer my lens and amuses everyone through their eyes and actions.
2. Scenic beauty of the Philippines! and interesting facts about my beloved country.
3. International Travel Photography
4. Local Festivals and Events
5. People at Work
6. Animal Kingdom
7. Kids
8. Fashion Photography
9. Architecture
10. Still Life
11. Natures Gift
12. My 365 Project Begins!!!

As I continue 2011 with new life, new work, new business, new love, new friends, and foremost the better me. I will continue sharing on this internet medium my life best shots! It’s been about two wonderful years and my photography quest continues and wish to further evolve in this chosen craft. Please join me welcoming 2011! Let us continue making a web history!