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Food&Drinks Project 365

Day 280/365: Il Padrino Coffee

Il Padrino is located at Unit 1 Mt. Sinai Heights Bldg. 71-B Commonwealth Avenue, East Fairview Park, Quezon City. Yes its too far from where I live, and it is nice that the food-coffee industry in the Philippines is starting to bloom ad its not just Starbucks whom we all know in the sake of being “in” and have your annual planner collection which is worth almost P2500 per piece. Well three years ago, I was able to produce 5! and after that, I am no longer a coffee drinker. I still do drink coffee but probably once or twice a month with a maximum of 2 cups.


Project 365

Day 60/365: San Mig Light and Isaw

Project 365: Self Portrait- The Best Pork Isaw in Metro Manila is Archies BBQ in Tiendesitas