Day 280/365: Il Padrino Coffee

Day 280/365: Il Padrino Coffee

October 8, 2011

Have you been to Italy or Venice just to have a drink of your favorite coffee? Or probably you went to Paris, just to enjoy your latte and a slice of blueberry cheesecake? Too much imagination for me to fulfill that dream tour yet, but I am lucky to visit this place in Quezon City, Philippines for their beautifully inspired European  Cafe and be friends (and a buddy too!) with Il Padrino General Manager- the ever dearest energetic-believer! Michelle Pangwi!

Il Padrino is located at Unit 1 Mt. Sinai Heights Bldg. 71-B Commonwealth Avenue, East Fairview Park, Quezon City. Yes its too far from where I live, and it is nice that the food-coffee industry in the Philippines is starting to bloom ad its not just Starbucks whom we all know in the sake of being “in” and have your annual planner collection which is worth almost P2500 per piece. Well three years ago, I was able to produce  5! and after that, I am no longer a coffee drinker. I still do drink coffee but probably once or twice a month with a maximum of 2 cups.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is another shop which is usually on my top choice to have my Vanilla Latte. It’s ambiance suits best my taste of a country-like interiors. Who’s next? Mountain Province Brew which is located in Tiendesitas, Frontera Verde in Pasig City. I love their coffee choices which includes our very own Batangas Coffee, just add some cream and brown sugar? Perfect!

And speaking of Mountain Province Coffee, this is the ultimate difference in dining experience at Il Padrino Coffee, the taste of Philippines Coffee from the especially roasted natural brewed in the best of Europe’s Picturesque! This is by the way a real collection of beautiful and original captured picture images from the owners Europe Tour which makes the place truly special.










Good Food, Perfect Coffee Blend surrounded by the best of Europe places.  A stress and worry place for everyone, Il Padrino Coffee!

Il padrino Coffee



Day 60/365: San Mig Light and Isaw

Day 60/365: San Mig Light and Isaw

March 1, 2011

This is the best Manila Beer! San Mig Light! the Low Calorie Beer (as claimed). And what is the best beer match? Grilled Pork Isaw!

Where to have the best Pork Isaw in Manila? Tiendesitas and look for Archies Grille. They also serves other barbecues like Fish Tuna, Pork Tenga, Chicken Intestines, and Yummy Pork BBQ.

About Tiendesitas:

Tiendesitas is Pasig City’s newest shopping and family entertainment destination owned by Ortigas & Company. Tiendesitas caters to foreign and domestic shoppers looking for the best Philippine products. It showcases the best that the Philippines can offer – native food, fashion wear and accessories, furniture, antiques, handicrafts, personal care and novelty items, pets, plants, and other locally made products. More than 450 traders, mostly entrepreneurs from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are offering specialty merchandise.

Tiendesitas sits on a 30,000 square meter area within Frontera Verde, which houses 12 Maranao architecture-inspired pavilions called “villages.” Indigenous materials used in creative ways adorn these villages using chemically-treated cogon grass for roof, old kalesa wheels into chandelier frames to light the restrooms, and duyans (hammock) scattered around to allow shortbreaks amidst frenzied shopping activities. The result is a stylized and unique Filipino architecture. The design of the complex also gives attention to the needs of the disabled and the elderly.

At night, shoppers can be treated to acoustic and live band performances. There is also an area dedicated to special shows, exhibits, and unique Filipino presentations. Kids and adults can also enjoy riding the kalesa, which goes around Tiendesitas.

Day 60/365