Day 291/365: Nav, A Modern Thai Cuisine

Day 291/365: Nav, A Modern Thai Cuisine

October 19, 2011

Another dinner meal hunt for tonight! and we are looking for something special and a cozy place. It’s Nav, a modern thai cuisine in Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

Having tasted the foods in Thailand, I could probably tell if its authentic and doesnt have a “Filipino” add-on. So let me try my Simon Cowell mood in Nav. We first ordered for the Pomelo Salad which is fair enough. I would probably have a special sauce for that to have its distinct taste, something not so sweet and and make sure that the pomelo bits is crispy and sweet, and add some dash of mint herbs to balance the flavors, and adding a dash of mint for a palette surprise to add a taste in chicken meats which if cooked with the same herbs and spices will surely complements the salad overall. We also have this Son-in-Law which is an appetizer but came in as a dessert for us, we are almost done when it was served. I wonder where these eggs came from? the mother chickens might have a hard time laying her eggs. It might be a good taste starting with these eggs plus our salad, but we already built too much expectations since it came late in our table and our rating. Just okay

For their chicken, it taste good. Nothing spectacular about it, what it reminds me is the Reyes boneless chicken where the flavors is only on the external portion and there is blandness inside so there’s a lot of flavor coating for sure on this. Might be nice to have a “chili” surprise to make it distinct with all other Thai food restaurants.

Ambiance is good, Well planned and decorated. I love theΒ  cushion seats and the homey lighting techniques.

Location: United St. Kapitolyo, Pasig City Philippines (almost in front of the Ace Water Spa in Pasig City)

Mon-Thu -11am to 2300, Fri to Sat, 11am till 12mn

Sun-11am till 11Pm

Phone: 6558395

Day 128/365: ThaiPan Thai Cuisine. It’s the perfect ambiance!

Day 128/365: ThaiPan Thai Cuisine. It's the perfect ambiance!

May 8, 2011

It’s a Mothers Day Celebration and a date with my wife who will be due for birth delivery anytime soon. I chose to have it in a cozy place in Quezon City which I saw when I had a dinner in Bagoong Club a month ago. Seeing the place the first time was an immediate admiration of its exterior! an ambiance of acrylic glasses which illuminates and reflects the mirrors from its interiors of a 70’s house and well blended by woods and lights for a modern feel of a south east home. It’s a perfect place for a date!

ThaiPan is located in Scout Dr. Lazcano in the Morato area in Quezon City and serves authentic Thai food. We had some of their specialty dishes which I could rate good. Why good? its just right for my palate and not something I could say yummy. I should be back someday to check if there is any recipe changes, maybe the chef is already in a good mood πŸ™‚

For Thai Food Resto, my 1st placer will still be People Palace for the ambiance and food and Soms Noodle House for the yummy taste and price. Anyway, it’s a Mothers Day celebration and we enjoyed our date. Thanks for the rose too for my wife πŸ™‚

Tips: Thaipan owner also run’s Thai @ Silk (Serendra) and Romulo Cafe (Scout Area, QC). Their restaurant has always that home ambiance of elegance. Kudos!

Parking: Street Parking and Difficult on Peak Hours

Service Staff: Very Good

Budget: P400 to P600 per Person

Day 128/365: ThaiPan

Day 64/365: Soms Noodle House, Authentic Thai Foods?

Day 64/365: Soms Noodle House, Authentic Thai Foods?

March 5, 2011

Location: Som’s Noodle House
Address: 5921 Alger Street, Poblacion, Makati (otherwise known as Rockwell gilid) Tel # (02) 757-8079, (02) 836-0075

I’d been hearing about this cheap Thai Food place and most of my foodie colleagues is recommending to try this out. So here’s my review.

The place is hard to find, it is in Rockwell Gilid πŸ™‚ I wouldnt know how to get into that side street entrance until you will see it outside the gate of Rockwell and take a U turn on the same road and turn right at that sharp corner before the Rockwell Entrance Gate. The place is like a carinderia with modest uniform servers, which is really nice. There are few tents outside serving customers who smokes or feel the ambiance of Rockwell Gates.

The food is average. It is the value anyway and the servings size is good for 3 to 4 pax, but since I’d been to Thailand, the taste is a bit far from what I expected. I am a real fan of Thai Fish cakes, and their version is totally odd. The Yellow Crab version is not really the big crab but just the regular white lanky crabs, however the sauce is really good, since I like curry-sweet-chili taste.

The Thai Iced Tea is obviously sweet, just go get a glass of ice and fill it up and enjoy it.

Overall, it is a diverse Thai food selection, Taste is okay, depends on your food trips, either its seafoods, pork or beef. It is not comparable to common Thai Food Place like Jajutak or Peoples Palace. However, you’ll surely get a full stomach with 50% authenticity that it’s a Thai food πŸ™‚

Will I go back? Maybe. It is too hard to find a parking space in that street.

Day 64/365