Day 333/365: Twenty Five Years Anniversary of MICG

Day 333/365: Twenty Five Years Anniversary of MICG

November 30, 2011


A great night to see again friends and colleagues for the twenty five years anniversary of Mary Immaculate Choral Group (MICG). They were the group I used to sing with in a choir loft over 20 years ago and now they are celebrating the 25th anniversary! Congratulations to MICG!

There are so many good memories to remember during my choral days, it was my singing skills breakthrough as a solo artist and partly help me in doing singing engagement for weddings and special occasions. The most memorable was singing solo for a verse during an offering for a Papal Awardee with 10 singing chorale backing me up during the papal awardee altar march. It was a great experience that gave me a confidence to sing and offer that given talent to God. That I miss doing and would like to do soon again. The prayer offering through singing for God!

The MICG also brought so many friendship that solidify the truest form of my earned values and respect to religion, believers, church servants and volunteers. Those were my teen years of developing trust and beliefs towards other people and have kept that good values with friends and family over the decades. The love and respect is totally overflowing within the group and I admire the leadership that was shown by the committee in protecting the name of the choral unto this date. I salute you guys and more power to you!

Day 332/365: The Marvel’s Bubble Gum

Day 332/365: The Marvel’s Bubble Gum

November 29, 2011


Are you a fan of Bubble Gums? Do you still remember your favorite candy box when you were still a kid? Well, I am showing here a photo of bubble gum box with your favorite Marvel Heroes- Spiderman, Xmen, and Fantastic Four. The box was really enticing and I am fan of X-Men Series and Fantastic Four, not so much of Spiderman. Why? I prefer the team and group heroes with different enemies and can save the world! not just New York City 🙂 Anyway, I wonder how this boxes can be commercially available with the permission of the copyright/patent owners? I see this very often in different merchandise for kids, even on their notebooks. Is this legal? Maybe you can tell me on the restrictions of use of patents and copyrights.

About the Bubble Gum? I suggest to have an age restriction on the labels and recommend it probably to teens and not good for kids! Why? they should be thought on its proper disposal, its all sugar and not good for their diet, and can probably ruin their scheduled meals. It’s not a toy that they can play on their hands and stick it anywhere. The schools and nearby stores should also prohibit selling bubble gums to children and if they do, if found messing up the area should penalize the selling establishment. Am I being too strict? It’s just a suggestion to protect our children and protect our environment too. Let me know your comments too about Candy Bubble Gums .

Till next!



Day 146/365: Cheers to Two Decades of Friendship! The Mario Brothers

Day 146/365: Cheers to Two Decades of Friendship! The Mario Brothers

May 26, 2011

“I find friendship to be like wine, raw when new, ripened with age, the true old man’s milk and restorative cordial.” –

Thomas Jefferson

Almost seven long years of silence and million miles of distance. A toast to friendship that never forgotten, a pillar of two God fearing souls, and a woman’s best kept secret 🙂

Never I doubted this man’s truthfulness to kindness, his smile and laughter that surely lift up a friends weary heart. The lightness in his mood, a very supportive heart, a proud dad and a loving son and husband.

Two decades, where distance and absence was never a hindrance
Old Souls still we are, A simple – What’s up bro? to reconnect a lost time
Never been forgotten, just missed. Never said goodbyes, but until then.
More decades to share the friendship! Keep dreaming on Luigi!

(The Mario Brothers is what I called the tandem during our teenage years. It is not how we play the game during the Family Computer era, but just a preferred friendship alias or code)