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Festivals Fireworks Display

The 4th Philippine Pyro Musical Competition – Spain

It’s classic pyro display with huge blast and monotonous colors. The sun colors of being gold and yellow is very prominent for Spain. I admire the wide blasts and the flowing glitters like stars, its a fantasy display and enchanting for the viewers. Its a classic royal kingdom fireworks display, multiple colors is minimally layered but its wide length and heights was amazingly beautifully synchronized. For a show of being enchanted by huge wide display, Spain will be a tough contender!


Festivals Fireworks Display

The 4th Philippine Pyro Musical Competition – Taiwan

My Review:

From afar, the fireworks show is minimal and slow, it synchronize the flow of heights and the multiple blast of colors is spectacular. The display type is stylish yet not overlapping. I admire the multiple colors layering and the slow continuous flow. As my first view of this year pyro-olympics. Taiwan display is photogenic and my favorite so far in terms of how I capture its spectacular multi layered colors.

Take a look of how I capture this entry from Taiwan! Enjoy the view!


Festivals Fireworks Display

The 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Winner is Canada!

The much long waited Pyromusical 2012 competition ends it colorful nights by announcing the winners of the event. Hear Ye Hear Ye! My bet won as the Champion! Congratulations to Fireworks International of Canada! Here are the list of winners for this year Pyromusical 2012 Competition:

The Winners

Champion: Canada’s Fireworks Spectaculars Canada

2nd Place: Finland’s Oy Pyroman and Australia’s Fireworx Inc.

3rd Place: Netherlands’ Royal Fireworks