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The 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition: Italy and Philippines

This is the last day of the 3rd Philippine Pyromusical Competition and was hoping for a great presentation from the two countries, Italy and our very own The Philippines. As expected, it was a heavy traffic! and we are late for the first presentation of Italy. I apologize for my viewers for not completing the entire list of the competing countries. There’s a lot of surprises even on our secret venue where I shoot having a few cars 4 weeks ago to a plenty of cars and people lining up in the break water walls near the Philippine Senate Ground. I am thankful also to a former officemate (Domski) who gave us a ride from Makati to the venue, and we are all cramming since we are late to find our good spot to shoot.

We are actually not sure if its already the Philippines who is doing the show, since they said the first one was just very short and they assume its just for exhibition purposes only. So when we finally got a chance to set-up and take our shots, it suddenly stop without a finale of big explosions. Its pretty weird really and the crowd was shouting “Bitin” (too short). And after 15 minutes we notice there are only a few of us waiting for the next show (assuming there still is) and luckily there really was the last show!!

This is the Philippines with nothing much to expect hearing the song, synchronizations, and lots of higher spaces not utilized.