Day 309/365: PSI Batch 249, Being a Kid is Fun!

Day 309/365: PSI Batch 249, Being a Kid is Fun!

November 6, 2011

What about PSI? PSI did something to me in clarifying a lot of questions and defining life meanings and pursuing positive looking with confidence and courage. I learn the value of “Giver’s Gain, Takers Loose” principle and how we are all Synergistically connected. And the world we live in, Is not a Life of Fate, But a Life of Choices.

I am a proud Batch 247.  A Work in Progress.

PSI Leadership Seminar Benefits:

Attract and Achieve The Wealth, Peace of Mind, Relationships, Spiritual Connection and Health You Desire!

Our usual life questions…..

Why do some people have more success in life than others?

Are they lucky or do they just have a different way of thinking?

The PSI Basic Seminar provides you with the fundamentals of creating positive results both personally and professionally.

Five Day Event: Thursday evening, Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday and Wednesday evening.

Through carefully planned discussions and exercises, you see and experience powerful techniques that you can apply immediately in both your professional and personal life.

In this life changing event you’ll learn to:


Financial success is available to each of us. Knowing how to obtain it is often a mystery. At the PSI Basic you’ll uncover this mystery by discovering your power to attract all the wealth you desire. You’ll gain simple and easy tools for developing thought processes that help you achieve your goals.


In this course personal relationships are a central focus. You challenge yourself to honestly and responsibly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your relationships, allowing you to determine how you can improve them. You’ll learn the tools to create and nurture the best relationship possible with your spouse, children, loved ones – and your professional relationships too.


Balance is vital to a healthy successful life. You’ll make a clear assessment of where you are now and take a fresh look at where you want to be. Using the Basic techniques, you’ll be given the tools to maximize your effectiveness and create a more balanced, satisfying life, in four key areas: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.


The core of the PSI Basic is to empower you to find inner strength in yourself and others. Imagine having the ability to summon the greatness in people. By understanding the underlying causes of how people become effective and efficient, you are able to apply that knowledge directly into your life.


For many people, a lack of creativity can be directly traced to self-imposed limiting beliefs. Self doubt is the direct enemy of the creative process. At the PSI Basic, learn techniques designed to access your individual creativity and squash defeating internal dialogue.


Good memory is essential for both professional and personal success. You’ll learn powerful techniques for remembering names, dates, facts and figures, and much more.


Through many different exercises, you will learn the patterns of successful human inter-relations and communication. The course specifically examines the use of subconscious non-verbal communication and the varied techniques that can be used when communicating with different personalities.


With a clear understanding of human behavior and the reasons why you do what you do, you will be in a unique position to improve your own results in any area of your life – whether it’s at home, in your career, your health, or your finances.


It’s there in You. Unleash your True Potential.

Here’s a snapshot of the Seminar Fun and their Life Journey. A Kids Party of Batch 249

PSI Philippines Batch 249
The Batch 249 FUN Pictures.

PSI Kids Party


Day 238 & 239 / 365: The Rockets! & PSI Batch 247 Graduates

Day 238 & 239 / 365: The Rockets! & PSI Batch 247 Graduates

August 27, 2011: Day 238

Day 3 of the PSI Seminar

The Benefits I am learning from this seminar and what it can offer to you… Right Now! So much Aha! moments that you never imagine it was just there controlling your life and the this is the Best time to have a choice to reach your goal!

* The seminar is based on the fundamental principle that each individual possesses unlimited, untapped potential. Unlocking this allows a person to achieve greater results and abundance. What hinder us from achieving what we want are self-limiting beliefs about who we are and what we can do. These act as barriers between our goals and us. The PSI Seminar provides the opportunity for us to examine these beliefs as well as experience new ways to overcome them.

* The PSI Leadership Success Seminar is about getting results in our lives… it’s about being the best that we can be. It’s about having more and better relationships, more successes, more peace of mind and better health. All of us here are already successful. But there’s always more. We don’t need to be sick to get better!

* The reason that the PSI Leadership Success Seminar is so effective is that it contains over 60 tools and techniques that we can use to get the results we want. The seminar is 30% lecture, 40% exercises, and 30% sharing.

* The tools and techniques are presented in the lectures. Then we do exercises that help us fully understand the concepts in the lecture by experiencing the concepts. This is a key to the seminar since we learn better through experience.

* The four-day seminar is highly experiential and insightful. People who attend the seminar attest to an enlightening fresh perspective towards life. The PSI Leadership Success Seminar helps us take that big step towards discovering who we are and where we want to go. Living life to the fullest can be a fun experience.

* Lifetime Membership. As with all education, the concepts, tools, and techniques the PSI Basic Seminar teaches are best implemented with repetition. That’s why after you attend, not only are you eligible for advance courses, you are entitled to re-audit the PSI Basic Seminar experience for free anytime and anywhere you wish. Your single registration investment is actually a lifetime membership investment for the PSI Basic Seminar.

Thanks to Joan Toledo my MicroBuddy Coach and the Team Rockets! For sharing their meaningful life experiences with us! We are the Rockets! We will soar high! We will celebrate a wonderful happy blast of Life and will Sparkle and Shine!

Day 238/365: The Rockets

PSI Batch 247 (Team Rockets) With Auris Borreros, myself, Jinky Delos Poyos, Joanne Toledo and Milton Co

Day 4: Day 239 : Proud to be Batch 247 Graduate!

Day 239/365: PSI Batch 247

And my Life will have a reboot starting today!