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Food&Drinks Project 365

Day 291/365: Nav, A Modern Thai Cuisine

Having tasted the foods in Thailand, I could probably can tell if its authentic and doesnt have a “Filipino” add-on. So let me try my Simon Cowell mood in Nav. We first ordered for the Pomelo Salad which is fair enough. I would probably have a special sauce for that to have its distinct taste, something not so sweet and and make sure that the pomelo bits is crispy and sweet, and add some dash of mint herbs to balance the flavors, and adding a dash of mint for a palette surprise to add a taste in chicken meats which if cooked with the same herbs and spices will surely complements the salad overall. We also have this Son-in-Law which is an appetizer but came in as a dessert for us, we are almost done when it was served. I wonder where these eggs came from? the mother chickens might have a hard time laying her eggs. It might be a good taste starting with these eggs plus our salad, but we already built too much expectations since it came late in our table and our rating. Just okay