Eating Organic Foods at Sugarleaf

Eating Organic Foods at Sugarleaf

Organic refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. The goal in organic farming is to maintain and replenish the soil fertility without using toxic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. “Certified Organic” means the item has been grown in accordance with strict uniform standards that are verified by an independent state or private organization.

Dr. Alan Greene of Stanford’s Children’s Hospital neatly summarizes the argument for organics: “Eat organic produce. Your immune system won’t waste energy trying to fight off the toxins that are sprayed on conventional fruits and vegetables.” Eating organics frees up your immune system and antioxidants to do their evolutionarily evolved job, which is to fight off pathogens, cancer, and other diseases originating from natural environmental sources. Your body’s natural defense mechanisms are incredible strong, but like anything else, they can only handle so much attack. To keep your defensive line from being spread too thin, you should therefore limit exposure to toxins (and stress) as much as possible. It’s important to realize that consuming pesticides and herbicides — even if they have not been found to be directly cardinogenic — can, in effect, lead to cancer if they use up your supply of antioxidants, which would otherwise have prevented cancer that was generated from another source.

It’s true that organic foods typically cost more than conventional, but this may be true only in the short-term. After you adopt a healthier lifestyle with healthier food choices, including organics, you may find yourself frequenting the doctor’s office much less and spending less on medications — over the counter and prescriptions — and not to mention a lower chance of being prematurely dead. It’s important to know that organically produced foods have to meet rigorous governing regulations in all aspects of production. It’s labor and management-intensive, usually produced on smaller farms, which don’t benefit from economies of scale. These factors combine, causing the cost to be higher. But as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

Organics typically cost about twice as much as conventionally produced food. To put things in perspective, consider bottled water. I know many people who would just about die of thirst before drinking tap water; for them, it’s bottled or nothing. But when you do the math, bottled water is about 300-600 times more expensive than tap water, and for good reason. But, depending on which municipality you live in, your tap water might actually be safer and healthier than eating conventionally produced foods. It really doesn’t make sense to spend money on bottled water and then eat foods that are not grown organically.

Food for a Healthier You
Sugarleaf Health Stop


Some of the many benefits of eating organic foods are:

  1. Superior nutrition: Organics have up to 300% more vitamins and minerals than conventionally grown foods.
  2. They have greater flavor. Many top chefs use only organic foods.
  3. Reduced intake of chemicals and heavy metals.
  4. Decreased exposure to carcinogens.
  5. Better working conditions for farmers and workers.
  6. No genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  7. Much better for the environment.

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Day 308/365: Sugarleaf Makati Opening Soon!

Day 308/365: Sugarleaf Makati Opening Soon!

November 5, 2011

Your Haven Of Health

Recognising the clamour for a one-stop shop of healthy food items in the metropolis, Sugarleaf debuted in West Greenhills, San Juan in February 2011 followed by Urdaneta Village, in Makati by November 2011.

Living up to its mission of providing “foods that nourish” Sugarleaf features Healthy Picks, a mini-mart of locally-sourced produce from certified organic farms, which is the main ingredient of the restaurant’s all-day dining menu.

All items are available for take away and delivery.  A cozy dining area of up to 30 persons is available for intimate events such as reunions and meetings.

A wide selection of natural and organically-produced goods from the Philippines and overseas include free-range chicken, eggs, pork, yoghurt, kombucha, highland coffee & rice, natural sweeteners, home-made dips & dressings, air-dried tea, snacks among others.  Raw and super food ingredients for vegetarians and raw foodies are also available.

Local & imported super foods such as chia, maca, acai & raw cacao are available as well chilled & frozen, smoked & cured fish, meat & turkey, US-origin dried fruits, raw nuts.

Other exclusive product lines are available complementing Sugarleaf’s all-day dining menu:

  • Goody Kefir pro-biotic foods and drinks (from raw cow’s milk and coconut milk)
  • Sweety Pies…baked healthier is a range of high-fibre, low-glycemic desserts
  • FruitLife and TeaLife organic, natural and probiotic teas and juices (Coming Soon)
  • Jello’s Coco Kefir Ice Cream pro-biotic-rich and mostly vegan (dairy-free) frozen confections

Health and wellness talks, seminars and workshops go beyond food and complement the Sugarleaf experience.

Sugarleaf is named after stevia, a plant whose leaves possess an intense sweetening capability.  Though somewhat controversial in its earlier years, stevia is totally safe and is highly regarded because it has anti-oxidant properties, has zero calories, and doesn’t affect blood sugar levels.

Sugarleaf imbibes sweetness, happy thoughts and feelings linked with healthy living and organic lifestyle.

Healthy Is The New COOL!  Healthy food can be hip, young, delicious and great enjoyed with friends and family.


Sugarleaf Makati

Day 134/365: Healthy Baby Shower and Sugarleaf Store Blessing

Day 134/365:  Healthy Baby Shower and Sugarleaf Store Blessing

May 14, 2011

Today is a double celebration at Sugarleaf! Store Blessing and Baby Shower for Beatriz Nancy Lorenzo.

From The Leaf Newsletter:

Sugarleaf… foods that nourish debuts in Greenhills, San Juan

After a couple months of soft-opening, Sugarleaf, a healthy-eats resto-store recently opened its first branch along Wilson Street with a ribbon-cutting & blessing ceremony marking its foray in the restaurant scene in Greenhills, San Juan.

Celebrity couple & healthy living advocates Ronnie & Mariz Rickets & Greenhills barangay chairman Lorenzo Tañada Yam cut the ceremonial ribbon followed by a simple blessing, healthy cocktails & raffle.

“We aim to make organic produce available on a regular basis rather than its current availably limited to weekend markets. More importantly, we aim to serve up yummy food appealing to all ages. One can prepare the healthiest dishes but if it’s not palatable especially to the young ones, it goes contrary to our mission.

We want to start kids eating healthy rather than have to struggle with them later on in life – when they already have health issues. The food we take in is something we have complete control of while external factors such as pollution, stress are oftentimes inevitable”.

“In the course of operations, we’ve realized that a big part of what we do is educating people about the variety of healthier lifestyle & food options available. Aside from our operations, we have gotten a strong following for our health & wellness talks & seminars which cover a variety of topics from super & living foods, all-natural sweeteners, alternative healing, detoxification & a lot more. In fact, we’ve pretty much lined up our calendar with events up until December 2011”.

“We also welcome Goody Kefir into Sugarleaf’s line of healthy eats with its complete line of food & beverages that contain probiotics & an abundance of nutrients. Jeren Cabral-Lorenzo, a talented & dedicated food technologist, really made an effort to turn a usually sour beverage into kid-friendly preparations such as fruit smoothies, sandwich wraps & pasta sauces – a hit at the cocktails served during our event”.

Aside from healthy-eat salads, soups, sandwiches & guilt-free desserts, Sugarleaf also serves breakfast, snacks & a line of healthy beverages such as kombucha, organic herb tisanes, artisan roasted coffee & more.

The event was supported by Sugarleaf’s partners in good health: Suchero, Roaster Juan, Planet Health, McRaf, Uniwide, Geofarm, Bikram Yoga Greenhills & Alabang.

Representatives of the EVA Charity Foundation & the Circle of Friends Foundation, Inc. were also present as the restaurant supports them by displaying their beautiful hand-made products at the store. EVACF benefits indigenous peoples in Region 3 while COFFI helps people with disabilities.


Our Baby Shower Celebration, its a shower of blessing! and we are getting ready for the birth of our baby girl – Beatriz Nancy Lorenzo anytime this month. Thanks to family and friends who attended our store blessings and give their utmost support to our new exciting mini grocery- cafe!

Thank you everyone for coming! See you again at Sugarleaf!

Day 132/365: Sugarleaf Foods that Nourish

Day 132/365: Sugarleaf Foods that Nourish

May 12, 2011

Sugarleaf, Located at G/F HealthCube Building, 226 Wilson Street, West Greenhills (between BDO and Kink Cakes), San Juan City, Philippines

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat: 8:00 am-10:00 pm
Sun: 8:00 am-2:00 pm

Store Motto: The Time To Start Living, Eating More Healthily is NOW!

Sugarleaf Debuts At The Health Cube, Greenhills In San Juan

Recognising the clamour for a one-stop shop of healthy food items in the metropolis, Sugarleaf debuts at the ground floor of the Health Cube Building along Wilson Street in San Juan.

Living up to its mission of providing “foods that nourish” Sugarleaf features Healthy Picks, a mini-mart of locally-sourced organic produce (fruits, vegetables and herbs) from the LaTOP (La Trinidad Organic Practitioners) Multi-purpose Cooperative farmers. The coop has the stamp of approval of the OCCP (Organic Certification Council of the Philippines) guaranteeing that the produce is all-organic. Items will be available throughout the week, when in the past, availability was limited to weekend markets and bazaars.

Produce which are not usually grown in the Philippines such as fresh blueberries and oranges, brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, fennel and rhubarb are available in addition to the staple lettuce, cabbage, carrots, eggplants, spinach, squash, yacon and many more.

Aside from vegetables, Sugarleaf offers a wide variety of natural, organically produced goods. It is meant to be a one-stop-shop for healthy food finds including free-range chicken, eggs, pork, kefir milk, yogurt, kambucha, carabao and cow’s milk, organic highland coffee and rice, non-GMO tofu, natural sweeteners (coco sugar, stevia, coco nectar), home-made dips and dressings, air-dried tea, among others.

Organic products that are not locally available may be sourced out. Available on a per order prior notice basis are: organic chia seeds, organic maca, kelp noodles and much more.

Healthy meals and snacks will also be available for both dine in and take away fully utilising the fresh produce available. A cozy dining area of up to 20 persons is available for intimate events such as reunions, etc.

Workshops on organic farming, healthy cooking and other wellness workshops will be offered in the coming months.

About Sugarleaf:

Sugarleaf pertains to stevia, a plant whose leaves possess an intense sweetening capability. Though somewhat controversial in its earlier years, stevia is totally safe and is highly regarded because it has anti-oxidant properties, has zero calories, and doesn’t affect blood sugar levels.

Sugarleaf imbibes sweetness, happy thoughts and feelings linked with healthy living and organic lifestyle.


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LaTOP Multi-purpose cooperative was organised by a La Trinidad Local Government Unit in partnership with the Agricultural Training Institute-Cordillera Administrative Region in 2005. From its humble beginnings, it has grown to over 70 farming groups from different regions and is supported by AusAID of the Australian Government and the Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc.

LaTOP aims to provide an alternative livelihood for farmers and meet a growing number of customers’ clamour for safe produce – from alugbati to zucchini.

Differentiatiating LaTOP produce from others is the stamp of approval from the OCCP (Organic Certification Council of the Philippines) which monitors the production of crops. Apart from guaranteeing that synthetic fertilisers and hormones, insecticides and herbicides, manure and urea are not used, farmers must apply measures to prevent topsoil erosion and soil salination to ensure sustainability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Apart from espousing healthy living and eating to everyone, Sugarleaf supports a great number of farmers utilising organic means to grow their produce. In future, Sugarleaf aims to encourage landowners to consider organic and sustainable farming methods. Seminars on organic farming, healthy cooking and eating will be offered to the public.

Fine handmade Mt. Pinatubo ash-glazed ceramics are also available and make great personal and corporate gift items as well as for home use. Proceeds of the sale of these ceramics are donated to the Entrepreneur Volunteer Assistance Charity Foundation (EVACF) for the improvement of the lives of indigenous peoples in the country.

Sugarleaf is located at the ground floor of the Health Cube Building, 226 Wilson Street, West Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila. Open 7am-9pm Mondays to Sundays. Tel (63 2) 385 0387 or mobile (63 917) 844 7593 or (63 917) 837 4257. Email:,, Website:


To be a one-stop shop offering a wide array of organic products to residents in Metro Manila
To provide partners and investors with an investment opportunity and additional source of income in the form of ROI
To educate the public about the benefits of healthy eating
To be active participant in CSR (support cooperatives, charities, etc.)


To be a leading source of certified organic and healthy products in the metropolis

Food Styles
Asian Fusion

Types: Breakfast, Brunch, Delis, Fast Food, Filipino, Greek and Mediterranean, Italian, Sandwiches, Soul Food, Vegan, Vegetarian

Parking: Street, Basement Parking
Public Transit: Taxi, Jeepney
Payment Options: Cash/Credit
Services: Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Welcome, Good For Groups, Good For Kids, Take Out
Phone: (63 2) 385 0387