The Movie Fanatic, Kaser!

The Movie Fanatic, Kaser!

June 27, 2010
Laiya Batangas
Model: Kaiser Gutierrez

This is an impromptu shoot with Kaser while they were having their company yearly team building activity. It was his first time to pose and be glared by a reflector. Thanks to Norman and Ryan for assisting us in this photo shoot. Good Job Kaser!

About Kaser:

It’s movie over facebook! that’s Kaser! A business analyst by profession and observed as “ok-ok”, UZI, superuzi, OC (very particular to cleanliness). I asked him what to post on this blog and he just name his favorite movie lines;

Just when we thought all hope was lost, our noble saviors have arrived. – Stephen

When I’m good, I’m very, very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better.
I’m No Angel, spoken by Mae West

How would you like to make one simple decision that will change your life forever?
– The Devil

Watch It:
Hey everybody look at me… actually on second thoughts, don’t!
– Rick

Doesn’t it give you kind of a, a, a… shudder… of electricity through you to be in the same room with me?
– Lex Luthor

He probably wants to be an actor someday 🙂 but who knows that this is his big exposure so far as “The Boatman” or the “Beach Boy”

Goodluck Kaser!