Eyes Wide Shut Moments, A Pinoy Photography Album Special Edition

Eyes Wide Shut Moments, A Pinoy Photography Album Special Edition

September 11, 2010

Models: Kharunizia Jazmin, Bambi Dela Cruz, Joyce Ornopia, Dorris Lobrino, Dodoo Marcos, Jaqi Fragatta, Cha Romero, Anna Latina Simbol, Jenny Ebido, Tracy Arciaga

Today, we remember the famous 911 US Tragedy that scares the entire world on the threat of terrorism. And I cant seem to share anything but a prayer that every nation and entire mankind celebrates peace and joy on earth.

How I would like to express the event and looking back at my photography collections, I actually don’t have any idea at all. I just browse my collection and look at my model portraits, And then I notice a common moments on these ladies and I start to ask myself: What’s on their mind? Their facial expression with their wide eyes shut moments had its variety and uniqueness. So I decided to group them in one album and share. Each image represents an emotion of happiness, deep thinking, sometimes sadness and just being at peace. So lovely to stare at and appreciate the beauty and the thought of calmness on their faces.

As I group them in one album, this eyes wide shut moments evidently sending a message of peace and joy. Let this be a day of remembrance to celebrate calmness in in every human heart, strong faith and belief, unselfishness, and love to all mankind.

Eyes Wide Shut

A Collection of Pinoy Photo Album Photography Beauties on their Eyes Wide Shut Moments.

[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_3326-edit.jpg]1070Kharunizia Jazmin
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_3446-edit.jpg]460Kharunizia Jazmin
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_3481-edit.jpg]340Kharunizia Jazmin
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_3488-edit.jpg]340Kharunizia Jazmin
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_3519-edit.jpg]360Kharunizia Jazmin
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_3975-edit.jpg]220Kharunizia Jazmin
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4260.jpg]160Cha Romero
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4489-edit.jpg]230Joyce Ornopia
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4869-edit.jpg]200Jenny Ebido
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_5387.jpg]170Cha Romero
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_emotionsppa6748.jpg]270Jaqi Fragatta
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa6953.jpg]150Jaqi Fragatta
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa7867-edit.jpg]130Tracy Arciaga
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa8674-edit.jpg]150Jenny Ebido
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa9108-edit.jpg]140Ana Latina-Simbol
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa9485-edit.jpg]90Dodoo Marcos
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa9558-edit.jpg]100Dorris Lobrino
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa9616-edit.jpg]140Joyce Ornopia
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa9796-edit.jpg]130Dorris Lobrino
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa9816-edit.jpg]120Joyce Ornopia
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa1099-edit.jpg]80Bambi Dela Cruz
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa1126-edit.jpg]130Bambi Dela Cruz
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa1311-edit.jpg]100Bambi Dela Cruz
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa1341-edit.jpg]120Kharunizia Jazmin
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/the-sleeping-beauties/thumbs/thumbs_ppa1382-edit.jpg]180Kharunizia Jazmin

Jenny Ebido, Magenta’s Magical Christmas Love

Jenny Ebido, Magenta's Magical Christmas Love

The 12 Women of Christmas 2009 Series

December 5, 2009
Location: Olympic Heights Garden, Eastwood City Q.C.
Model/Stylist: Jenny Ebido
MUA/Hairstylist : Rona Villaroman
Long Gown by: Eric Delos Santos
Creative Director/Photographer: Rman Nepomuceno
Production Assistants: Raymond and Alyssa
Special Thanks to : Glitz & Glams Accessories
Giselle Dela Merced, Owner/Designer 09239561082/09275383715

About Jenny:

Occupation: IT Account Manager

Christmas Message: Christmas is an ideal time to express love and good wishes to those we care. It’s also the best time to contemplate and think about our future. May everyone be happy and find love this season.

Style Guide for Christmas: My usual fashion always depends on the mood and what type of character I‘d like to portray. It may be seductive, classic chic, conservative, sporty or just getting the job done, but it will never be a complete fashion without the accessory of expensive footwear!

The Color Magenta:

MAGENTA: Nonconformists, innovated, strong-willed, inventive, imaginative, artistic, resourceful, productive, creative and has an agile mind.
Magenta’s are bright and determined about things they regard as important. They are great manipulators as well as actors. Magenta’s tap dance to their own tune!

Additional Facts: The term magenta was coined from a plant that provides a dye called fushina, discovered after the Battle of Magenta in Italy. There are several shades of magenta, all referred to commonly as magenta. Magenta is an extra-spectral color, which means it cannot be created by one wavelength of light. It is made up of red and blue wavelengths, called as red-purple in the Munsell Color System. Owing to its distinct base of two aggressive colors, magenta emerges significantly differently on canvass, in print, and on computer screen.

At the expressive level, used in artistry, where magenta is less aggressive and more spiritual than red, it is more realistic than purple. It is volatile, optimistic, and affectionate, creating a feeling of satisfaction & self-respect, while being imaginative, outrageous, and innovative as well, all along. Magenta is the color of ‘new age,’ which heals at all emotional levels. With a streak of ‘Futurism,’ it promises future. A strong, deep, complex, and very impressive color, magenta is linked with inspirational thinkers, particularly those who think ahead of time.

In addition, the ‘Color Symbolism of Magenta’ stretches to divinity, love, learning, & nurturing. It can assist people with earthly skills, in fusing with powerful spirituality, and in releasing the past agony & moving forward. The color cleanses a being emotionally and infuses the feeling of self-respect, protection, and self-awareness in self. This color balances emotions by being simultaneously cheering and soothing, thereby controlling over emotional and under emotional conditions. Definitely, despite the complexity of its tones and shading, magenta is a brilliant, versatile color, creating all the magic possible through artistry or otherwise.

The 12 Women of Christmas

The 12 Women of Christmas

Project Overview:

The 12 Women of Christmas is a Photography Project that features twelve women and their yuletide glamorous style. Each woman will wear an assigned or a choice color that symbolizes their unique personality.


A fashion photography in celebration of Christmas Season. All women were asked to wear elegance, sophistication, their unique style of fashion expression and show their best smile, looks and joyful emotions for this yuletide season.


The project will run from November 15 to December 20, 2009.

Our Women of 2009 Yuletide Celebration:

1. Jaquiline Fragata Simeon

2. Tracy Arciaga

3. Alyssa Mariel Lorenzo

4. Dorris Lobrino

5. Charmaine Romero

6. Jenny Ebido

7. Lia Marcos

8. Dotie Bobias-Assidao

9. Joyce Ornopia

10. Anna Latina Simbol

11. Cecilia Padilla

12. Barbie Maceda


For photography workshop opportunity, please contact me at +639178664228 for the schedule and location shoots.

Bookmark this link now and regularly visit the site as we show the 12 Women of Christmas 2009!

My Life Best Shots,


Jenny Reveals…

Jenny Reveals...


[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_3900-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_3957-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_3959-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_3997-edit.jpg]10
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4009-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4660-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4698-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4712-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4736-edit.jpg]10
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4757-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4767-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4770-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4785-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4802-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4814-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4831-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4850-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4856-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4860-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4875-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4892-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4896-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4910-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4920-edit.jpg]00
[img src=http://www.pinoyphotoalbum.com/wp-content/flagallery/jenny-reveals/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_4942-edit.jpg]00

This is an opportunity shoot with Ms. Jenny Ebido and I’d been bugging her for almost a year to have this photo shoot project with me. And finally, Jenny Reveals!

Location shoot: Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
MUA: Ms. Anna Simbol
Stylist/Creative Design Assistants: Jojo Caballero and Alyssa Lorenzo
Ligthing Asst: Paul Mikhaill Lorenzo
Participants: Miguel Dolomondin, Rizaldy Calimoso and Kaloi Yap
Creative Director: Rman Lorenzo

“Bride in the City”

Not your typical garden, and a nature scene. This is your concrete jungle of the Prime Financial District of Makati City. Our bride, a highly urbanized lady suggests to have this concept and presto! it is indeed extra-ordinary.

“Gypsy Glam Rocks”

Jenny and I had a lot of exchanges of ideas on the Gypsy look, and how it will fit best on her. Together with my Design Assitants, we battle the crowd of Divisoria Market to check on the look that i have in mind. And never did I go wrong to go to the right place for good finds, at the right price.

As we experiment the Gypsy look during the shoot, each veils and scarfs works best to change her looks and style. This showcase the versatility of styles as we stick with the golden rule of combined elegance and glam look. My photo outputs ends up like a shot for a famous pop superstar, a beauty pageant title holder, a Persian Princess,  and a Roofdeck PoolSiren!

Over-all, it was a success! Thanks to Jenny for trusting our shutter clicks! Looking forward for more creative portraiture photography projects with you.

And to my colleagues, thanks much for the inspiring feedback and tips!

Until my lens meets you @ My Life Best Shots,