Mr&Mrs Simbol, A Beautiful Tandem

Mr&Mrs Simbol, A Beautiful Tandem

December 11 2009
Location: Elysium Gardens, E. Rodriguez Ave. Quezon City
Models: Ricardo Simbol Jr & Anna Latina Simbol

From the hallway and cubicles of SMPC (Sykes former office building) to the shopping premium outlets of Orlando, Florida and recently our photography location shoots, all the good laughters with them, this couple always amazes me. Their strong bondage is really inspirational.

These are the shots from my last year photo shoot with Anna for 12 Women of Christmas and later on Ric requested to have their couple shots. My first time to do like a pre-nup and presto I am blogging them now and be included in my life best shots!

To you both, Thank you for the inspirations and being so cool as a couple 🙂 Your’s is a beautiful tandem!

Keep the love alive,



Mr&Mrs Asiddao, A Decade of Love

Mr&Mrs Asiddao, A Decade of Love

November 29, 2009
Canyon Woods, Tagaytay City
Models: Michael Fortuno Asiddao and Dottie Bobias-Asiddao

I recall my wedding song for them. The Gift by Jim Brickman, and to this date the words are still so true…

“And the years will make us grey,
But baby in my eyes, You’ll still be beautiful
All I want is to hold you forever
All I need is you more every day”

They were my college classmates and I would consider as my friends for life. They never forget my birthday and other important “life” events that we all need to be together to support each other. Thanks much for always being there guys! I dearly treasure the friendship and us being – like a family.

This shot is a double celebration for Mike’s Birthday and their 11th Wedding Anniversary last December 2009. Cheers to you guys! You are a gift to each other!