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Events Project 365

Day 316/365: Pacquiao-Marquez III Controversial Match @ Medicard Lifestyle Center

How was the fight? From Round 1 to 7 and based on how the camera is being rolled to capture each punch, I know it was Marquez whom I truly admire on how he counter attacks and made his connecting punch a success. Round 8 to 12 is a mix of Pacquiao and Marquez punches but in favor of Marquez as how it was being covered by media. And yes, being totally ignorant on the boxing rules and how it is being scored, in my eyes and “connecting punch” points, the winner should be Marquez. However there are professional judges who were all there watching and observing each punch, moves, and attacks. The boxing rules applies and based on my research, this is how it works (c/o


Project 365

Day 224, 225 /365: Birthday Wish and Sugarleaf PhotoShoot

[ad#Leaderoard 6609] August 13, 2011: Day 224 – Happy Birthday Suzette! A Birthday Wish Today is your day, and you’re wished the best, I hope you celebrate it, with a lot of zest. For today though you are a year older, Store away your many wishes, until you feel bolder. So let the drums roll […]