Day 262/365: Goody Kefir

Day 262/365: Goody Kefir

September 20, 2011


by Jeren Cabral-Lorenzo

As a Food Technologist and Enzyme Therapist, I am very curious with and interested in natural foodstuffs that strengthen our body and boost our immune system. This inquisitiveness led me to study food enzymes and their beneficial effects to our physical well-being. With this knowledge, I was able to help quite a number of people who were suffering from different kinds of incurable diseases like diabetes, asthma, lupus, arthritis and cancer, to name a few.

About a year ago, my Chinese friend introduced me to kefir. He’s taking it on a daily basis to cure his illnesses. Curious, I started my research works on kefir immediately. Impressed with my findings, I began experimenting and developing “milk kefir” out of raw milk and a tablespoonful of kefir grains.

Kefir is a cultured, enzyme-rich food (both microbial and digestive enzymes) filled with friendly micro-organisms that help balance our “inner ecosystem.” Though it tastes a bit sour, kefir is refreshing and more nutritious and therapeutic than yogurt because it supplies complete protein, essential minerals, and valuable B vitamins.

After numerous trials and errors, I was able to master the fermentation process of kefir using fresh raw milk. As my “milk kefir” passed the discriminating taste of my friends, I began to market it to my other acquaintances who recommended it to their own set of friends and acquaintances. As the demand for it increases, I decided to venture into mass production. Those familiar with its selling price in the market will certainly be surprised to find out that my pre-introductory price is only P300.00 per liter.

To maximize its health benefits, I integrated milk kefir in a 7-day diet program. So far, all of those who underwent this diet program got positive results like regular bowel movement, greater stamina, resistance to illnesses, and weight loss of 5 to 10 pounds.

Studies show that kefir could treat or cure allergies, acne, arthritis, rheumatism, wrinkles, gout, liver diseases, kidney stones, gastritis, pancreatitis, ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, hypertension, heart diseases, lung infections, yeast infection, and many other illnesses.

To make kefir more enjoyable and refreshing, we may add fresh fruits, muscovado or honey into it. With this special mix, our children will surely love it and ask for more.

Promoting Good Health! Prolonging Good Life!

Have a goody life,

Day 261/365: Goody Kefir

Day 245/365: Goody Goody Kefir and I Gotcha Kombucha Seminar @ Sugarleaf

Day 245/365: Goody Goody Kefir and I Gotcha Kombucha Seminar @ Sugarleaf

September 3, 2011

Goody goody kefir and I gotcha kombucha! A talk on real energising refreshment – 3 September, Saturday from 2pm to 5pm

Real energising refreshment comes from getting nourishment from your beverage and not just sugar, flavourings and colourings.

Kefir and kombucha are two beverages with ancient origins that have withstood the test of time as they have potent health benefits – almost too good to be true for a lot of people but even more people from all over the world attest to its curative powers. And with talented kefir and kombucha brewers Marjoree “Jeren” Cabral-Lorenzo of Goody Kefir and Brent Metken of Planet Health Kombucha, these otherwise obscure beverages are now fast gaining popularity amongst health buffs and other people in the Metropolis.

Jeren and Brent discussed kefir and kombucha’s origins and health benefits. Sugarleaf’s Gina S. Yambot also shows some practical easy-to-do recipes using kefir and kombucha in other applications to make it even more appetising to everyone of all ages.

And yours truly, discussed the kefir living testimony on how it helped me for the past 2 years now without any medicines even for my colds/flu but energizes me further on my daily active lifestyle.

Goody Kombucha

Day 245/365: Goody Kombucha

The workshop is P300 per person with healthy snacks and samplings of the preparations demonstrated.

Day 71/365: Midnight Tiangge at Mercato Centrale

Day 71/365: Midnight Tiangge at Mercato Centrale

March 12, 2011

Looking for a place to eat on Friday and Saturday night? No worries! Midnight Mercato Centrale is open from 10pm till 3am at the Fort Bonifacio Taguig.

Location: 34th street and 8th avenue (across MC Home Depot) . This is nearby the Lexus Car Center and Starbucks Drive Thru!

My Mercato’s favorites;

1. Goody Kefir – nothing beats its natural kefir taste blended with natural fruit juices. Must try! They also have Yoghurt, White Cheese, Lemon Grass Juices, and Fresh Milk. Nourish yourself for night craving treat with Goody Kefir

2. Med Chef Desserts: must try their assorted cakes, not too sweet and very affordable.

3. Kebab – package meal with Biryani rice! so yummy! try their Chicken and Beef Combo Meals.

4. Bale Dutung, Chef Claude Tayag’s Pan de Bagnet – your baked bagnet slices in a Tortilla wrap mixed with their own signature salsa. Forget all the cholesterols, just try it 🙂

5. Mochico Ice Cream- Ice cream Ball or the Pinoy’s Buchi with Ice Cream! Their Ice cream is Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC). One company actually 🙂

6. Nutilicious – The Good Nut Appetizers. You can have your required calories by just having the free taste with them 🙂

See you there!

Day 71/365

Day 23/365: Welcome to Mercato Centrale @ BGC!

Day 23/365: Welcome to Mercato Centrale @ BGC!

January 23,2011 (Sunday)
Mercato Centrale
Corner of 30th street and 9th avenue (in front of The Spa at Bonifacio High Street)
Taguig City

Where to go on weekend? A family out of town, A sports activity, or probably have a good eat out with friends or family? The search is over! Welcome to Mercato Centrale!

Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is a weekend market catering to an extensive food choices, from organic, healthy food and drinks, pasties, breads, grilled stuff, and of course our very own Goody Kefir and Yoghurt! which is a sure hit in the healthy seeking family and individuals.

The weekend market starts from 7am to 2pm, so it’s just in time to have your favorite healthy drinks after your run at BGC. You also don’t need to worry for parking, for there’s so many parking spaces and the place is well secured.

We are happy to be part of this community and very proud of our line of products! Fresh Cows and Carabao’s Milk, Fresh Yoghurt, and Kefir! just look for our Goody Kefir stall when you visit Mercato Centrale.

So plan for run on weekends, visity Mercato Centrale and give yourself a good treat! See you there folks!

Day 23/365

Day 15/365: Tourist Mode at Boni High

Day 15/365: Tourist Mode at Boni High

January 15, 2011 (Saturday)

Every weekend is always a busy day for our weekend bazaar for Goody Kefir @ Mercato Centrale in The Fort, Taguig. And The Fort is always on my top 3 choice whenever i need to dine in, shop, and simply just to chill out. I would say this place is really becoming the New Modern Urban Concrete Jungle of the Philippines. The modern landscape and architectural designs of The Fort always promotes the environmental friendly concept- the mix of greens and space, plus a well secured area. So no wonder why most of the first class urban living lifestyle is this area.

The Bonifacio High Street is located at The Fort Taguig City. The strip consist of high end shops and restaurants that connects to Serendra, A Mid to High Rise Condo Project of Ayala Properties. Boni High Street is the first open mall – garden concept in the Philippines, and having seen the parks and malls of USA and Asia’s neighboring country. Boni High Street is considered as first class place in the world.

Day 15/365

Where to dine and chill at The Fort?

Serendra, my favorite place is Abi, Contis, and Arama Cafe
Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center – The Distillery, Cafe Juanita and of course Barcino!
The Fort Strip – the bars at the 3rd floor. I missed Piedra though, Jacksloft, and Establishment
Bonifacio High Street – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Itallanis, Market Place, and Claw Daddy.

About the picture:

I am not a fan of taking a picture with landmarks in my own country, so I called it Tourist Mode but I guess it’s a good start to inform the world about the best and world class facilities in the Philippines. This is to be of help for the tourist and traveler’s themselves to have a visual idea where to find those place landmarks and maybe soon to be historical landmarks.

Oh what I am wearing?

The black cap is from Celio
The sleeveless shirt is from St Francis Square
The Khaki Short is from Metrowalk Shop in 2F
Shades is Rayban
and Slippers is from Surplus Shop