Day 228/365: Fried Pugo Recipe (Quail Meat)

Day 228/365: Fried Pugo Recipe (Quail Meat)

August 17, 2011

What is a quail?

The quail, locally known as pugo, is a small game bird found in temperate and tropical regions throughout the world. Quails by some distinction are classified as “game-hunting” birds and as such, quails should not be compared with chicken.

The true or Old World quail is a migratory bird that can be found in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The American quail (sometimes called “patridge”) and is non-migratory. In the Bible, quail was served by the Lord to the fleeing Israelites. During the present critical period of population explosion, with rampant malnutrition and unrelenting price rises for both cereal and meat, the quail is an answer to the consumer’s need for cheap eggs and meat, just as it was during that critical Biblical time.

Fried Pugo Preparation:

According to Manang (Seller of Fried Pugo), The secret recipe is so easy, it is the same as how you prepare fried chicken. And since these are little creatures, it is easy to cook. You just need to clean well the birds and boil it with salt, garlic, pepper, tanglad (Lemon Grass) until the meat is tender (dont over cook it since the meat is already tender). It is recommended to have it frozen to make the meat tighter before frying it. Deep fry it and serve it crunchy upto the bones! Yum.

Fried Pugo

Day 228/365: Fried Pugo

Day 213/365: Talangka Special Recipe (River Crabs Recipe)

Day 213/365: Talangka Special Recipe (River Crabs Recipe)

August 1, 2011

I called this crabs, a market jewels! nowadays, so rare to find in the metropolis market. So here’s my another Pinoy famous recipe that I was able to cook the first time and it tastes so good.

Where did i found this jewel? In Divisoria! near the Tabora St and Divisoria Mall.

For a 1 Kilo Talangka, here’s my recipe:

2 tablespoon of Sea Salt
1 tablespoon of Ground Pepper
Half Cup of Vinegar
2 tablespoon of Calamansi Juice Extract or Lemon
2 cloves of crushed Garlic
1 Cup of Water
3 tablespoon of Cooking Oil

Cooking Instructions:

1. Place the Talangka in a simmer pan and pour in water and cook for 10 mins (Medium Fire Temp)
2. Pour in the Vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic. Gently stir the ingredients for the next 5 minutes.
3. Once you can see the yellow natural sauce of the river crab, and its already getting thicker. Pour in your calamansi or lemon extracts.
4. Pour in the Cooking Oil and Stir until the sauce is well spread in your talangka.
5. Serve it Hot with Vinegar Dip (with crushed garlic, salt and pepper)

Talangka Recipe

River Crabs Recipe

Talangka Pinoy Recipe