Day 92/365: The Burial

Day 92/365: The Burial

April 2, 2011

As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.
-Leonardo DaVinci

It was just two years ago when we both lost our mother. It was really painful for she is our only parent that raises us three boys. Her last words to her dear friends is to take care of you too, for she know you are suffering from sickness.

You were such a fighter Kuya, that in spite of your health, your will to to be employed, earn a living and the selfless you, is truly inspirational. I do thank you for the wonderful family that you have raised, your richness and treasure. You have left a gold pot of values inscribed in their hearts, that will be passed over the generations to come.

In my heart, the sorrow of losing you will always be there, but somehow thankful that your suffering is over and its time to be with Nanay. I will surely miss you, our laughter’s, our birthday celebrations, our Christmas and New Years Day. Our wine toasts….Cheers to a wonderful brother! Please give my hugs and love to Nanay.

Do watch us always and guide us through spirit….

Day 92/365