Black and White Portrait Series

Black and White Portrait Series

Location: Anilao, Batangas, Ascott Makati. Muruve Wine Bar

Audrey and Alix, both sweet and very charming.

Cynthia and Girlie, BFF

Phoebe and Amanda – cute babies

Camera: NikonD80

Lens: Nikkor 1.4 50mm


Project: People Portraits

Project: People Portraits

Location: Manila, SFO, Bangkok, Boracay, Anilao, Dansalan Gardens, Muruve Wine Bar, El Paso Sto Tomas Batangas, Katips Resto Bar Quezon City

These are the first batch collection of my 3P’s – Project People Portraits. The application of my Librodo Workshop, plus my signature touch.

Thanks to the following people who always ready to set the moods when my camera starts clicking.

Jojo Caballero, Dorris Lobrino, Therese and Audrey Roomian, Karina and Maria Mackenzie, and my favorite subject on the beach shore – the Vendors.

I include also my first Monk shot, and for sure the list will continue….so when will my lens meets you then?

Additional Photos: Daphne, Christine, Jackie, Gail, Cynthia A and Girlie, Joanne and Tita Vey

Till next @ my life best shots,