Day 107/365: Weekend Escape, Destination Talisay, Batangas

Day 107/365: Weekend Escape, Destination Talisay, Batangas

April 17, 2011

Day 2 at Club Balai Isabel (Talisay Batangas)

About Talisay, Batangas:

Talisay is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 39,120 inhabitants in 6,246 households.

Talisay is located in the north-central area of Batangas, which is located southwest of the island of Luzon, approximately 84 kilometers south from Metro Manila. It is bordered by Tagaytay City in the north, the municipality of Laurel to the west, Tanauan City to the east, and a vast volcanic lake called Taal Lake to the south. (Thanks to Wiki!)

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Day 107/365: Weekend Escape to Talisay Batangas

Talisay Resorts and Accommodations:

Club Balai Isabel
Talisay, Batangas
Contact #63 (917) 504 4157 63(917) 872 1512

Talisay Green Lake Resort
Address : Barangay Sta. Maria, Talisay, Batangas
Contact No. : 63.43.773.0247

Al Frontera de Taal
Address: Lakeshore Activity Point, Barangay Banga
Tel. No: +63.43.631.1291
Fax: 63.43.631.1294

Taal Lake Yacht Club
Tel. No: +63.43.773.0192
Tel. No: +63.2.811.3183; +63.2.811.3283

How to get to Talisay, Batangas:

Commute via Tanauan, Batangas:

Board a Batangas City-bound bus on Taft Avenue, Pasay City near Buendia LRT station (choose Batangas City via Tanauan and not Batangas City via Calabarzon) and alight in front of Tanauan public market (Fare: P89.00). Transfer to a Talisay-bound jeep to get to your resort/hotel.

Commute via Tagaytay:

Board a Nasugbu-bound bus and drop off in Tagaytay (request the driver to drop you off to the terminal of Talisay-bound jeepneys). Transfer to the jeep with Talisay signboard. This passes through the zigzag route down Tagaytay ridge (not for the faint of heart) (a climb down the ridge)

Driving Directions to Talisay via STAR TOLL.

From Makati, take SLEX and exit the second to the last toll gate (Silangan, Batangas City, Lucena). You’ll pass by Turbina (Shell), Carmelray and turn right to enter STAR TOLLWAY. Exit at SAMBAT (Tanauan) then turn right going to Talisay (a left will take you to Tanauan town proper). Just follow the road to your destination resort or Talisay public market.

Directions to Talisay via Tagaytay (not for newbie drivers):

From Makati, take SLEX and exit at GREENFIELD CITY (Eton City) where you’ll pass by Pramana, and Nuvali. Follow directions where you’ll see Paseo de Santa Rosa, Silang then up to Tagaytay Market. Turn left at the end of the road (Tagaytay Econo Inn) then turn right at Ligaya Drive (the left side of the highway is Tagaytay Elementary School) where you’ll see the Talisay jeepney terminal, pass by Balai Taal. This is a winding 6 kilometer road down the ridge with at least 2 sharp curves (you’ll be greeted by the excellent views from the Laeuna de Taal viewdeck). At the end of the road is Talisay’s main road where many resorts dot the lakeside.

Directions to Talisay via Coastal Road, Aguinaldo Highway, Cavite

Head to Roxas Blvd and Coastal Road going to Aguinaldo Highway up to Tagaytay rotonda. At the rotonda, turn left towards Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP). Continue driving until you reach Ligaya Drive where ou turn left (right side is Tagaytay Elementary School). Follow the winding road to Talisay to get to your resort.

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Day 106/365: Club Balai Isabel

Day 106/365: Club Balai Isabel

April 16, 2011

It is time for some recovery breath for my family so we all decided to have our first out-of town trip in Talisay Batangas. We first thought of having our weekend vacation in a nearby beach resort in Bataan, but since its the start of the Holy Week, reservation was already quite difficult.

My next choice was Tagaytay, which is okay but I am looking forward for a nice weekend with a huge pool and nearby lake or sea front. And I believe we made a right choice of choosing Club Balai Isabel.

Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas offers comfy accommodations and picturesque views of Taal Lake. It is just an hour’s drive from Manila via the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay route or Calamba Star Tollway. The Sta Rosa Tagaytay road is really stiff and dangerous for a night travel and It is recommended to have a good car engine and tires condition to drive that hilly-winding road.

Its for everyone to visit. The site picturesque setting makes it a popular wedding and pre-nuptial photoshoot destination, while the spacious grounds and room capacity of up to 800 persons make it ideal for corporate events. Environmental enthusiasts find the resort fascinating as it is the best jump-off point to reach the volcano, aside from the fact that the resort itself is bursting with vegetation.

The fact that there is always something for everyone is what makes Club Balai Isabel so attractive. Those craving a sedate and secluded reprieve may find it under the trees and the spacious grounds where one can find a quite space to call their own. Those who would like to have an exciting adventure can take part in our water sports activities such as wakeboarding and kayaking or trek to the volcano.

Families can enjoy the swimming facilities and rent a house for themselves, while corporate clients can take advantage of the obstacle course and the media-ready function rooms.

Accommodations: There is a quite number of room choices depending on your preferred location and budget. We are about 7 person and we choose the Lake Shore Lane Suite fronting the Taal Volcano. The room price is from Php5,000 (suites) to Php25,000 (villa with own pool), but its fully furnished and you can bring your own food and cook. It has grill areas and the public market is only 10 minutes drive.

It’s worth our time and money. The family bonding matters most, and the place adds a memory for us to remember Club Balai Isabel

This picture was taken on the Front Door of their Church inside Club Balai Isabel. The place is truly a wedding top choice.

Day 106/365: Club Balai Isabel