Day 181/365: Microsoft MPulse Kinect Challenge

Day 181/365: Microsoft MPulse Kinect Challenge

June 30, 2011

What is MPulse?

mPulse is the official Microsoft User Group in the Philippines. Represented by an elite group of CIOs and technical decision-makers from among the largest companies and government organizations in the Philippines with substantial investments in Microsoft technology and solutions, the mPulse mission is to:

1. Provide a venue for members to leverage on and contribute to the collective knowledge and experience of a cross-industry community of Microsoft users

2. Foster relationships among peers and expand members’ networks through activities that promote common personal and professional interests

3. Contribute to nation-building through community programs

Members are entitled to various benefits including:

– Priority invitation to premiere Microsoft events and access to exclusive mPulse events
– Access to special interest groups and networking opportunities
– Access to the mPulse online resources and discussion groups
– Opportunities to participate in various Early Adopter Programs and to raise business and technology issues to directly influence Microsoft products, services and programs

Day 180/365: The Microsoft MPulse Kinect Event

The mPulse K’nection event:

Hosted by yours truly and Ms. Issa Aviles. We had really a great fun and lots of excitement with great inputs from Mr. Philip Ruiz, owner and Managing Consultant of Ruiz OD Consulting. Mr Ruiz emphasized the role of IT Leaders in building a community in synergy and making a healthy environment of productive leaders that shares knowledge with common determination to be successful in supporting nation building.

The Kinect event is truly memorable to each of those who attended. Their moves and dance shadowing was really cool and surprisingly perfect! Check out the photos where the IT Leaders really had fun as they sway to their favorite dance moves. Congratulations Winners!

Mpulse 2011 Hosting Event

Microsoft CIO Forum Year 9 Dinner & Presentation Night

Microsoft CIO Forum Year 9 Dinner & Presentation Night

October 7 and 8, 2010
Marriot Hotel
Manila, Philippines

The Microsoft CIO Forum Year 9 is truly informative and fun! This is an annual gathering of IT Leaders from different industry and I am lucky enough to join this year representing my company. The theme is Launch it into the Clouds! This is the internet age revolution of exploring the possibilities and level up opportunities unto the web. The forum represented by different sectors of public and private entities from telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, and national govt – NBI, COA, NEDA, GFI’s among others is a good sign of the technology interests on how the Philippines can further compete globally.

Salute to the organizers and nice to meet colleagues from townmates to former team mates, business partners and new friends that leads a new era of technology in the Philippines!

Microsoft CIO Forum Year 9

Disclaimer: The photos were taken during the Event Dinner and Presentation. This does not have any commercial intention of promoting products as seen in the photos but capturing the fun activities and how the event bond leaders towards a certain goal of technology innovations.