Day 128/365: ThaiPan Thai Cuisine. It’s the perfect ambiance!

Day 128/365: ThaiPan Thai Cuisine. It's the perfect ambiance!

May 8, 2011

It’s a Mothers Day Celebration and a date with my wife who will be due for birth delivery anytime soon. I chose to have it in a cozy place in Quezon City which I saw when I had a dinner in Bagoong Club a month ago. Seeing the place the first time was an immediate admiration of its exterior! an ambiance of acrylic glasses which illuminates and reflects the mirrors from its interiors of a 70’s house and well blended by woods and lights for a modern feel of a south east home. It’s a perfect place for a date!

ThaiPan is located in Scout Dr. Lazcano in the Morato area in Quezon City and serves authentic Thai food. We had some of their specialty dishes which I could rate good. Why good? its just right for my palate and not something I could say yummy. I should be back someday to check if there is any recipe changes, maybe the chef is already in a good mood 🙂

For Thai Food Resto, my 1st placer will still be People Palace for the ambiance and food and Soms Noodle House for the yummy taste and price. Anyway, it’s a Mothers Day celebration and we enjoyed our date. Thanks for the rose too for my wife 🙂

Tips: Thaipan owner also run’s Thai @ Silk (Serendra) and Romulo Cafe (Scout Area, QC). Their restaurant has always that home ambiance of elegance. Kudos!

Parking: Street Parking and Difficult on Peak Hours

Service Staff: Very Good

Budget: P400 to P600 per Person

Day 128/365: ThaiPan