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Food&Drinks Project 365

Day 302/365: Masuki, Binondo’s Original Mami and Siopao House

About Masuki Mami Restaurant (formerly known as Ma Kong) was established Ma Chi On in 1930 as a small eatery in Binondo. For more than half a century now, the company has been using the recipe that made it grow to be the restaurant that serves the public with food that epitomizes authenticity and cuisine perfection of a Chinese Mami and Siopao meals. Masuki’s extensive menu composed of siopao, siomai and different variations of mami noodles. Siopao Boy will still offer the same food as Masuki but the company came up with budget sized Mami, Siopao and Siomai to fit everyone’s lifestyle. Aside from the traditional Chinese merienda, Siopao Boy will serve rice toppings and other dimsum variety.