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Project 365

Day 119/365: Oishi Sponge Crunch and Menshealth

I am not a junk food foodie, but this is one of the snack food which I cant help myself to finish the moment I sit down reading my favorite magazine Menshealth. Weird? Yeah, it doesn’t jive Healthy and Junk Food? I am probably a sweet tooth person and loves chocolates, and why Oishi Sponge? Its crunchy on the outside and will melt on your mouth! It’s Yummy! So while reading some informative sections in Menshealth, try to skip the Foods and Diets for the meantime and just check on the pages that tells you how to lose weight, do your routinary exercises, new work-out techniques, and what are the testosterone booster! Yeah Chocolate is one of those 🙂 I am a Modern Alpha Male!