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Lenten Season 2011: The Way of the Cross (14 Churches of Rizal-Laguna)

The 14th Station of the Cross, Laguna De Bay Loop


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Day 113/365: St Jerome Parish Church, The Baroque Wonder of Morong Rizal

Located in Brgy. San Jose, Morong Rizal, St. Jerome Parish Church is one of the remnants of the grandeur and spirit of the colonial period. Nothing in our Western culture now is similar to its neo-Baroque style.

Originally built in 1615 by Chinese craftsmen, the church survived natural disasters and the tumultuous Spanish regime, with its walls standing witness to the Katipuneros who were captured and executed there. Sitting majestically on a hill overlooking the river, the Morong Church is truly a cultural icon, an edifice of the Christian faith, and a cradle of their architectural heritage.

Its new belfry was integrated with the old three-storey facade, thus becoming one of the most well-composed architectures in colonial Philippines.


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The Exciting and Adventurous 2,000km Luzon Road Trip Series

The Adventurous 2000km Luzon Road (Manila-Tuguegarao-Iguig – Lal-o – Calamaniugan – Port Irene, Cagayan – Aparri – Pagudpud – Burgos – Laoag – Paoay – Vigan – Manila)