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Project 365

Day 300/365: The Cutest Darna! @ 5 Months

First Appearance: “Darna”, Pilipino Komiks #77 (Pilipino Comics, May 13th 1950) , Powers/Abilities: Possesses the “allure of Venus, the glory of Apollo and the strength of Samson”. Flight, super strength, super speed and indestructible to all man made weapons. She can switch between forms by stating their names (Darna to become Darna, Narda to become Narda), though unlike others who similarly transform using trigger words, she must also want to transform when she utters the name; in other words, she can say the name of whichever form she is not using without automatically changing. The White Stone of the Adranika (a.k.a. Darna‚Äôs Magic White Stone) – properties as revealed in the latest tv series: