Tag: A Pot Story

Project 365

Day 304/365: Happy Halloween!

The next day, one of the laborer died for an unknown cause. My mother keep the old pot, thinking it was lucky and can be sold soon being its an authentic antique. One of my grandmother stay with us and it was my first time to live with her. She’s very kind and being teased by our neighbor as a snob, but the truth is, she keeps on giving me coins so I can buy candies. Few months later, our grandmother Lola Nitang died of sickness. I never saw her then but she left her old closet with us. Life goes on and being a child, I used to play a lot in our backyard and I keep on finding old coins in the ground. Those coins were the antique coins and really the bronze type. I kept it on my piggy bank (which I dont know where it was now). Our place was still strange and it continues when a thunder hits the three coconut trees, which kills them all afterwards. My eldest brother who was so fond of superstitions and earthlings was telling me that it was a sign of treasure and it tells us that there are something buried on our land. But of course we just ignore those kind of beliefs and we thought it was just for fun, until there are more signs of smokes coming out from an old tree roots and I actually play on it thinking it was just nothing, but I didnt ask where is the source of those smokes. It was really a smoke but theres no underground canal or pipes that will produce those smokes. I informed my brother about it, and he said. It was a sign! that there’s really something on our land.