Mothers Day Special, A first time Mommy

Mothers Day Special, A first time Mommy

Today, we celebrate Mothers Day! And my first that I can no longer hug and kiss my mom on this special day. But anyhow, I can still feel that she’s just around and protecting us, and the power of her undying love is what empowers me to face all the battles of life and make her proud. To you Nanay! l miss you so much! and I love you. I offer every shot of love and those beautiful smile of every person from each shutter clicks. My photography is you 🙂

So today, I am honoring all the mothers of the world! and most to First Time Mommy’s. I believe this is the most exciting part of a woman’s life- being a mother the first time. Their test of patience and wonderful life changing experience is truly remarkable. A salute to all First time Mommy and Mothers of the World!

Here I feature, Ms Emmy Jimenez-De Leon and her cutest son Quino. My first mommy and a baby portrait, and I asked her to write a letter to Quino and make a documented history of a mothers love. Here it is..


A pretty picture of you and me. This day we both looked dressed well and good, perfectly captured and beautifully angled.
How I desire that to bring you up and experience this kind of milieu everyday, perfect and beautiful, but I can’t and I will not.
As you grow up you will see imperfections, you will see good and bad, you will feel happiness and sadness,
you will claim success and failure. You will win … You will lose. All these experiences will mold you, and will define you.
and it is my promise and the same time my prayer, that i will be there as you go through life’s journey and make sure that you will be molded well.
I cannot live your life for you, but along the way i will be there doing my best … guiding, protecting, nurturing, and loving.


Model: Emmy Jimenez – De Leon and Quino
MUA: Anna Latina Simbol
Special Thanks to KC De Leon and Ric Simbol