People Portraits 2009

This is my People Portrait Project for 2009. I will continue to update this page as my lens keep looking and meeting people from different walks of life.

Location: Manila, SFO, Bangkok, Boracay, Anilao, Dansalan Gardens, Muruve Wine Bar, El Paso Sto Tomas Batangas, Katips Resto Bar Quezon City

These are the first batch collection of my 3P’s – Project People Portraits. The application of my Librodo Workshop, plus my signature touch.

Thanks to the following people who always ready to set the moods when my camera starts clicking.

Jojo Caballero, Dorris Lobrino, Therese and Audrey Roomian, Karina and Maria Mackenzie, and my favorite subject on the beach shore – the Vendors.

I include also my first Monk shot, and for sure the list will continue….so when will my lens meets you then?

Additional Photos: Daphne, Christine, Jackie, Gail, Cynthia A and Girlie, Joanne and Tita Vey

Till next @ my life best shots,



5 thoughts on “People Portraits 2009”

  1. RMan!!!! how are u???? its been a while… have new no’s na all the one’s u had were all loss already :((
    keep in touch… i cant trace u sa fb till now ….have a fanpage there though….. Glitterz and Glams and 2 accts din….
    just finished a fashion show lat weekend… hope to get intouch again….

    1. Rman says:

      Hey Giselle, I am doing great busy with the newborn! I have s shop in Greenhills..Sugarleaf! in Wilson St. Do drop by soon!


  2. amy yang says:

    hello…i like your pics…im fond of taking pics too.but im not using professional camera and really have no idea about it.i hope one day i can be you model coz i like being taken pics too….it is really enjoyable!hope to get your reply=)

    1. Rman says:


      Thanks for your comments and feedback, send me a link of your profile or add me in facebook 🙂 look for Rman Nepomuceno 🙂


      1. amy yang says:

        my name in face book is yangyangyang, the email address is ysyheyy2005@gmail for both facebook and writing letters.pls tell me the updated activities so i can join you…so far im a a chinese btw.=)

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