Naked Strings, An artistic nude photography workshop

Naked Strings, An artistic nude photography workshop

July 9, 2011

Naked Strings is a photography workshop that combines an artistic nude and musical strings. A unique theme that highlights the boldness of a musical strings and the identical curves of a woman with a musical string instruments.

This is in collaboration with the light photography master himself – Franz Malalis and creative directorship of your truly 🙂

Naked Strings part 1 would like to Thank their participants and ever dashing HMUA – Tin Guevarra!

This is just a beginning of something unique and different!

Warning: These photos have nudity in the form of photography art and it doesn’t promote any obscene acts. This is an expression of art using a human and musical string instruments that defines melodies, and how it affects our human emotions. This is not recommended for people who view nudity in malicious form.

Naked Strings I

Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings
Nude Photography - Naked Strings

For artistic nude photography workshop inquiry and tutorials. Please send me your name, location, and a background of your photography skills and experience.

Thank you ALL again!

Food Photography Workshop at Sugarleaf

Food Photography Workshop at Sugarleaf

June 11, 2011

Learning Never Ceases at Sugarleaf! We just concluded a successful food photography seminar with Mr. Ricardo Rikky Arquiza. The course focus on lighting techniques, basic food styling tips, and food photography as a hobby or your professional career. Rikky has over 20 years photography experience in his profile and it sure does gave our participants so much AHA! remarks.

Rikky has been into photography here and abroad since 1980 and has apprenticed under renowned photographers Neil Oshima and Joe Chua. He has extensive experience in newspapers, magazines, government and corporate accounts and studio operations before focusing on food, fashion, advertising, and photography lectures to share his knowledge with more people.

Thanks Rikky and participants!

Sugarleaf Yummy Foods plus Talented Photographers creates a Healthy Atmosphere and Great Food Shots!

Connecting the Light, A Photography with a Difference

Connecting the Light, A Photography with a Difference

March 20, 2010
Manila Zoo, City of Manila

Mr. John Chua, Bien Mateo and Ms. Bernie Paras Gan


This is my second visit in Manila Zoo, and my first was when I was only 9 years old. Back then, it’s a feeling of excitement to see and experience the animal kingdom, but now – it is much even more than what my eyes can see, but what my heart can feel, a heart to utter encouraging words, and speak the beauty of God’s given creatures. A heart to touch and bridge to build trust. A heart to listen, for their joys and warm appreciation. And foremost, a thankful heart to be their “eyes” in this precious bonding moments.

The event was very touching and a real eye opener for everyone who still have their clear sight. The goal is to build awareness about blindness, capture each joyful moments with the kids, and experience Love. It’s overwhelming…magical…spontaneous…fulfilling.

I am “Connecting the Light”

For what my eyes can see and what this precious kids can believe and imagine.

The Light that falls unto their beautiful faces, capturing an image of joy, a lovely scene – to enlighten others.

Bringing a light of encouragement, to their family members and support groups – awareness and acceptance.

To help promote the right of blind people to live a life of dignity – a messenger of respect.

Capture the Light, Be the Light, Connecting the Light for Blind People of the Philippines.

Salute to the Committee and Organizers! especially to Mr. John Chua and Ms. Bernie Paras Gan


Facts about Blindness in the Philippines:

Hidden among the 85 million people and the 7100 islands of the Philippines, are an estimated half a million people who are blind, and many more who are visually impaired to a lesser degree.

By far, the leading cause of blindness among adults in the Philippines is cataract, accounting for around 400,000 cases. The treatment for cataract is simple and effective but is not readily available or affordable for those living in the rural areas.

Perhaps up to one hundred children lose their sight every week in the Philippines. Almost half of these cases are either treatable or preventable. Poor nutrition, measles, and premature birth are among the leading causes of preventable blindness in children. Early detection and treatment are the keys to saving the sight of these children. (from Resources for the Blind Inc.)

About Resources for the Blind Inc.

A non-government Christian organization serving blind people all over the Philippines since 1988. They offer services, trainings, materials, and equipment needed for the blind people to reach their fullest potential in life. With over half a million visually impaired in the Philippines, they continue to reach out to those who are in need of their services. The organization aims to turn darkness into light for thousands of our blind friends in every corner of the country.

Contact Information:

Mailing Address: Box 1831 CPO Manila 1099

Telephone Numbers: (632)7263021 to 24

Telefax: (632) 7270077

Mobile: (63)912797222081

Toll free calls from outside of Metro Manila: 1-800-10-725-4637

Email Address:


Photoworld Asia 2010, Taal Hands-on Fashion Photography Workshop

Photoworld Asia 2010, Taal Hands-on Fashion Photography Workshop

February 2, 2010
Taal, Batangas
Workshop Facilitator: Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc (FPPF)
Instructors: Kevin Ames and Raymond Isaac

This event was my triple “photographer wannabe” experience. It was my first time to join the Professional Photographers of FPPF, and witnessed their legendary technical tricks. The first time to visit the historical Taal, Batangas and cant stop saying “oh wow” on the house architectures, its exterior, interiors, fixtures and how they were able to preserve the town culture, truly a must see for everyone who wants to experience a blast from the past! plus a taste of their specialty food too. And lastly, the first opportunity shot with beauty pageant winners of Mutya ng Batangas 2009 and other professional models of the Philippines.

My workshop feedback, everyone seems to be a purist! with all their technical gears and expensive equipments with them. And listening to these experts on their own field, they defy the world of digital artworks. I would quote Mr Raymond Isaac, who challenge the participants on the questions of, Are you a Photographer, Visual Artist, or a Digital Artist?…and my mind say, Can I be all of the above? A photographer to enjoy the artistry of photographs and the shutters sound to capture each memorable frame, A visual artist to expound the story behind and interpret how each frame should be told, and a digital artist to apply the technological factors, enhance inexpensively, and make it a perfect shot. Anyway, I salute Mr. Isaac on his passion to Photography and the credits he earned through the years on his name. It was an honor to be one of his participant who doesn’t defy the digital artworks 🙂

Mr Kevin Ames is another name everyone admires on his technical lighting styles, his photography preparation and set-up were always perfectly organize, and his fashion shots I believe is more on womans angles and light combination. Mr Ames technical background is something a hundred mileage for me to achieve. He knows his camera and the studio set up very well. I guess I need to get to know my camera very well and know what I can expect from her.

Anyway, my excuse to the purist in posting my digitally enhanced photos. It’s a photography art and I like the mix of being strict on a perfect shot,visualize my art and add a dash of digital enhancements. I’m a self proclaimed chef naturelle 🙂 I pick a good meat, cook it based on my style and enhance it with proper ingredients…so as to my so called photography recipes. But still credits to the Photography Masters- Mr Ames and Mr Isaac, your works is indeed inspiring.


Disayrey Sayat, Mutya ng Batangas 2009
Gerlinde Habit, First Runner Up
Mona Hammad, Second Runner Up

Jobo Roa, Mr Bodyshots Winner 2008
Bjorn Aguilar, Mr. Bodyshots 2008 Finalist
Melanie Angeles, Supermodel Philippines Finalist 2009

Fashion Designer:
Lito Perez

Eminent Light Workshop by Manny Librodo Jr.

Eminent Light Workshop by Manny Librodo Jr.

January 2, 2010
Location: Noveleta, Cavite City
MODEL/MUA: Kharunizia Jazmin and Bambi Dela Cruz
Workshop: Eminent Light
Producer : Mr. Aly Reyes
Lead Photographer/Director: Manny Librodo Jr.

This is my 3rd workshop with the master of portraiture himself Manny Librodo Jr. There were a quite number of participants in the workshop and you need to be very aggressive to take your shot, otherwise you’ll be left always at the back. The weather then was very humid and I’m really having an advance summer feeling while shooting! Anyway, thanks for the good food of Malen’s Restaurant, to compensate the workshop challenges.

To the production staff/organizer – Aly, Martin, Harie, Joel and Derick – you guys are really cool and funny all the times. Fun Fun Fun! Kudos to you all!

Also, I wish I could go back to Noveleta to take shots of their very interesting mini-bus/jeepney and the Aguinaldo Shrine. Anyway’s enjoy viewing my latest post of Eminent Light in textures 🙂

Till then @ My Life Best Shots,