Our Fairy Princess 5th Birthday Party

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This is our daughter’s fifth birthday party celebration, and we are celebrating it by remodeling our whole house, visit this page to check the contractors we contacted, they are the best! We intend to give her this party for so many reasons- like a family reunion in San Ildefonso Bulacan, being thankful for her five years without any sickness, and foremost celebrate God’s blessings.

With a very tight budget to celebrate it with almost 200+ guest list. I decided to do it DIY (Do It Yourself).

Our theme is Fairy Princess, so it is best to have it set up in a garden with lots of trees. Our chosen location was Paul Cruz Garden Resort; it is ideal for most of our guest list coming from the same town, it fit best for my creative design layout for the huge trees,  its falling vines, and the lawn greens. Everything is perfect for this venue! My daughter got so excited when she realized she had to dress up, she started using her mom’s black castor oil for hair growth a month before her party.


Upon seeing this, we immediately booked the place! It’s perfect, and we want this trees to be our stage focal point.

paul cruz garden resort

Paul Cruz Garden Resort is located at Sapang Putol, Bgy Pinaod, San Ildefonso Bulacan; they have a swimming pool, guest room for overnight, and ample parking space. It is just a few minutes from the main National Road and a block away from our chosen catering service.

Our catering service was Varilla Catering, which is also located in Pinaod, San Ildefonso Bulacan. The package includes foods and drinks for 150++ pax, tables and chairs set-up, bubble machine, photo booth, magician and clown, lights and sounds, booths for popcorn, ice cream, cotton candy, and hot-dog. And we sourced out from multiple suppliers, our birthday cake, cupcakes, balloon arc, flowers, face paint booth, and all other related to its design and concept.


The card invitation is a DIY. I just bought laser paper cut envelopes and did a layout design for her invitation and print it on a photo paper. We thought of having our daughter involved in the preparation so I bought her a gem sticker pads which we can use to design her invitation cards.

birthday card invitation fairy princess _DSC5194 _DSC5195 _DSC5196

The invitation card cost was at P40/pc. Excluding labor and layout design.


For her gown, we thought of a white princess gown. It’s like a ball gown with beaded lace that can match her custom made white fairy wings. I have asked my Tita Cynthia to make her the gown, while I was the one who chose the fabrics and overall material. Really! I was very hands on up to the design and details. It was all worth it anyway, we love the outcome.

_DSC5251-Edit _DSC5250-Edit-Edit

Zcy’s white princess fairy gown with wings.

_DSC5535-Edit _DSC5532-Edit

The lace was beaded with Pearls and Swarovski’s crystals. The neck and sleeve line was a mixed of crystals and pearls.

_DSC5534-EditFairy Princess White Gown

The flower-inspired lace with pearl beads and Swarovski crystals.


Flower beaded laces is the highlight of the gown top.

_DSC5536 _DSC5537-Edit    _DSC5540

The gown cost was around P5000 including labor and materials. What makes it expensive was the Swarovski crystal beads actually, we were able to use around 1000 pieces of it. Also, I came to realize that the design for kids matters when it should highlight most of her childhood self, It should not be so formal since it’s a fairy themed but instead give an impression of its simplicity with a very detailed design. The compliment should be on how the child will carry the gown, and not how the gown will carry the child.


The overall party layout and stage design goals were to come up with a fairies playground. I spent a few thousand pesos for the hanging lights to make it festive at night. Add on were dozens of butterflies in different sizes and colors to fill in the mid-gap area from the trees and stage. From the masterplan layout below we revised it to conform to the actual sizes of stage platforms and tables.

layout design plan for garden birthday event


We use a stage platform to highlight the three fairy canopies where the kids can sit and play. The middle white canopy is for the birthday celebrant and the other two green on the sides is for party activities like story-telling, crafts making, or a fairy salon.

From the entrance, we set-up the registration area on the right side under a tree with hanging tutus and wings, this will also be our giveaways for the kids. The middle ground will be the kids tables and chairs area.

_DSC5272 _DSC5271

The chairs and tables cloth covers are white with colored ribbon accents same as the tutu colors.


The letter name stands white with glitters. Unfortunately, since its white it became unnoticed.

fairy princess party

We placed a green grass wall for a few picture frames and decors. At first, we intend to put the cake table on the stage, but it will become crowded, and we will not have any space for the group picture taking.


These are all customized designs. The usual tutu and wing pair will cost you around P400 to P600, but we instead bought the materials for the tutus and contracted it to a dressmaker. It’s a one size tutu where the girls can just wrap it around their waist, or the small ones can use it as their full dress too! The wings were also contracted to a wholesale supplier in Divisoria; it cost only P80 per colored wings. This is usually priced from P150 to P200 per piece. We allocated 50 pairs for giveaways for the girls. There is also a flower garland for the head for the girls and adults too!

_DSC5257 _DSC5256

Our chosen colors were yellow, fuschia pink, sky blue, baby pink, and apple green.


Looking at these hanging under the tree will surely excite our little girls joining the party


We come up with DIY clothesline to hang the tutus. Very colorful indeed! It also became a functional design for the event.


Our Peter Pan top shirts for the boys. It’s also one size that can fit up to 10yo. There is a cord on the middle waist to serve as a belt.



Make it very simple and limit it to a few frame. I intend to personalize the stage with her memory lane photographs since she was one up to four years old. Have a two small frame as an add-on and a number FIVE to highlight her Fifth birthday. The two chalkboards are for the registration area and will serve as a welcome note for the guests.


The green fairy canopy highlight was a wreath of flowers (artificial and fresh flowers). I decided to use the colored artificial flowers as an accent since the fresh one needs water hydration so often. Also, it might not last that long given the sun and heat on our event’s place. We mixed it up with baby’s breath and rosal leaves to add a floral scent in the canopy area. I have thought of filling it with more flowers and leaves, but it’s getting heavier and might fall during the event.


Below is a better shot of the flower wreath arrangement for our canopy. Our canopy is also custom made since I want it taller and wider.


Why the need for the photos? While I was browsing for the good shot, it did brought me back to a memory lane. It is not for the guest to look at and say it’s cute! But for us parents to validate our accomplishments, our hardships, and commitments for our kids. It is not intended to be a wall gallery of her growing up years, but it is for us parents to celebrate God’s blessings.


Our main focal point is the white canopy. We placed a different kind of wreath flowers to contrast our white cloth. From the master plan, we changed the location of the cake table to have more space on the stage and just fill it up with balloons and flowers. Our celebrant seat was a covered stool chair with bed comforter, with different sizes of throw pillows. The overall cost for this is at P3600 (soft white tool – P1000, top flower wreath plus crystal like Garland drops- P800, labor cost-P500, comforter P500, throw pillows -P800). I plan to reuse this at her room after the event, so our plan is extended in decorating her room to save on cost.

_DSC5270 _DSC5269


A three size variant of balloons in three different colors. We add fresh flowers and leaves to conform it to our theme.


It came out beautiful in spite of the rush work after the rain. As you can see the guest starts to gather already so, we don’t have time to do the finishing touches.



Our cake is a two layer chocolate buttercream frost with lots of floral designs from top to bottom. I chose this to have a “raw” elegant look than a cartoon like Fondant. I believe the cake should blend well with the theme itself, and we should base the cake materials to adapt to the overall concept and not to have its identity on the table.

cakes and cupcakes

The floral cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate flavors. It was a variety of designs, and we scattered it together with the candies. We used crystal bowls and wide mouth glass vase to add raw elegance.


The two layer cake cost P3000, one hundred cupcakes P35/each = P3500; assorted candies is at P1500; The cupcake tower is at P750; Overall cost is P8750.


This is an easy one for us. No complaints at all. She loves facing the mirror and having her make up on- a lady to be!


Our makeup artist focuses more on her eyes and hair. No face alterations at all! just simple makeup enhancement. Professional fee for MUA is P1100 (for 2pax, including wifey)

_DSC5279  _DSC5278

Our Princess! Ready for her birthday event. The shoes are from Suki, and the crown is from Carolinas.

_DSC5285-Edit _DSC5283-Edit


Our stage with the birthday celebrant. No grand entrance walk needed for her since we are in a rush after a brief rain shower. We started the event with a prayer and kicked it off immediately with the activities lined up for the kids.



Our Fairy Princess! I love the light effects behind her.


That gorgeous smile! A beauty queen to be.


_DSC5326-Edit _DSC5308-Edit


_DSC5471-Edit _DSC5495-Edit

Estimated guest is around 200++


The kids enjoying the activity game- bring me.

_DSC5383-Edit-Edit _DSC5382-Edit

She was holding an electric fan. That gift is a saver! Since its becoming too warm in the stage.


That tree is really enchanting.


It was a full house!


The kids in their fairy dress with face paints.


Beautiful wings indeed. It’s all worth it.

_DSC5498 _DSC5407 _DSC5357-Edit _DSC5349-Edit _DSC5348-Edit-Edit _DSC5345-Edit _DSC5341-Edit _DSC5339-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit _DSC5321-Edit

The light effects at night.

_DSC5504 _DSC5502

Candle blow. Happy Birthday Princess Zcy!


Peter Pan Spider-Man.


_DSC5473 _DSC5373

Our Fairies


_DSC5336-Edit _DSC5337

Our family photos

My royalties.

_DSC5346-Edit _DSC5404-Edit-2 _DSC5320-Edit

I need to shift roles during the event and as a photographer. I wasn’t able to capture the foods and the booth since I have to attend to our guests too.

I decided to post this online to help other parents in case they are looking for a birthday party theme. I had a hard time looking for samples and pictures to guide me in making this concept. May this be your guide in case you found it interesting for your next birthday event.

So what do you think of our party?

God Bless everyone!

Daddy Rman












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