You are Magnifico!

Four years ago, I wrote a letter to myself. We had an activity from our Starshooter class ’83 last 2012 where we are required to write a letter for ourselves, and they mailed it to us after a month. Today, upon cleaning my documents due to a house termite, the letter surfaced to remind me of how to face my life challenges. Here it is. Thanks to the letter I remembered that one of my goals was to start a business, which I did and used the best SEO click reference techniques to increase traffic on my website.

January 18, 2012

Hi there “The Magnifico”,

You have a powerful guiding light for this New Year after last year’s obstacles and burden. With that, I’d like to congratulate you for overcoming almost everything and not letting yourself to drown and stagnant for the “past” you. Your magnificent ways of achieving your goals are truly amazing and inspirational. Be reminded as always, of your good values and truest essence of being a good man, friend, brother, husband and father.

Today, I would like you to recall the wonderful experiences and loving support of your Starshooter 83. Get in touch with them and greet them. Show the love and importance of their beingness. Be a communicator of peace, bridge love, show how much care and openness you have in your heart. Always remember to share and praise others. Remember that, it is in giving that you will harvest your success, Stay happy! Look good and be an excellent person to others, and mostly to your family!

Feel the love!
The Magnifico

Starshooter Epic Batch 83

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