The 4th Philippine Pyro Musical Competition – Spain


February 24, 2013

And Now….the moment of Spain! by Brunchu Pyro Experience of Spain.

About Brunchu’s Pyro Family:

Godella, in the province of Valencia, back in 1889, emerged in the city called the “cradle of artists”, one of the most prestigious and well-known in the pyrotechnics families: the BRUNCHÚ’s.

Founded by Dn Luis Brunchú Sancho and his wife, Mrs. Eleonore Caballer Llorens, settle in the area of Valencian orchard, where begin to manufacture artifice, between their orange blossom fragrancy.

Soon, his son Dn Luis Brunchú Caballer, takes the reins of the business, and begins to manufacture new products, already not only to the sale to the retail, but the realization of firework. This gives you an estimable growth, obliging their children, Dn. Luis Brunchú Alonso and Dn. Juan José Brunchú Alonso, to learn the craft and to participate actively, each from his plot, the family business.

With commendable, long-suffering and tireless work of both, they manage to reach the first important goals at national and international levels, in the decades of the 1960s and 1970s, obtaining awards in such major cities as Knokke (Belgium), London, San Sebastián, Monaco and Cannes.

This helps them to enter the international market, and they get their first contracts to export to other pyrotechnics from around the world, such as France, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. Thus, old facilities in Godella, founded in the 19th century, begin to stay small, so the installation of a large plant, more than 400.00 is projected square meters, in Castellon town of Soneja.

It is perhaps the golden decade of the family Brunchú, since, in addition to the substantial increase in sales both domestically and internationally, due to the quality and safety of its products, joins obtaining awards in cities such as Alicante, Vigo, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Brisbane (AUSTRALIA), Florence, etc., and the celebrations at the close of the EXPO-88 in Australia and the bicentennial of the French Revolution, in the city of Paris. It also participates in the tours of Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, within Spanish territory, for several years.

The BRUNCHU fireworks are already world renowned by its colour, quality, safety and variety.

Already installed in the new manufacturing plant, equipped with latest generation and machinery with the necessary security measures by the volume of purchased work, they join learning and be able to happen both, four sons (two of each), among them LUIS BRUNCHU MARTI.

With the new additions occur hits for the company in such important competitions such as Bilbao, L’Havre (France), Alicante, San Sebastián, Montreal, Hamburg, Pamplona, Stockholm, Macau, Blanes, Sakura (Japan), San Remo, Valladolid, Hanover, etc. In addition to these significant achievements, carried out large-scale shows in cities such as the delivery of the Nobel prizes in Stockholm, the inauguration of the Eurotunnel in Calais, the inauguration of the Arch of la Defense in Paris, the centenary of the University of Coimbra, the opening of the festivities of Lisbon, etc.

Already in the 21st century, in addition to great performances, especially in Brazil, the company is available to cease its activity, but not before leaving a legacy of experience and ability to later generations, until today, still latent in the art of pyrotechnics


My Review:

It’s classic pyro display with huge blast and monotonous colors. The sun colors of being gold and yellow is very prominent for Spain. I admire the wide blasts and the flowing glitters like stars, its a fantasy display and enchanting for the viewers. Its a classic royal kingdom fireworks display, multiple colors is minimally layered but its wide length and heights was amazingly beautifully synchronized. For a show of being enchanted by huge wide display, Spain will be a tough contender!

Check it out!

Pyromusical 2013 Spain


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