Aussie First Adventure..The Queensland 2013 Storm & The Aftermath

January 31, 2013

Hey Mate! Cheers Mate! A new adventure for 2013! But wait? the weather seems not cooperating in Queensland AU..Welcome to Australia! First stop Sydney…raining… stop Brisbane…wind and rain! People rushing on the terminal barefoot? Hmm they came from the beach? Ahh this is a Surfing Capital so no need to wear shoes? Its a summer trend? Go barefoot? Cant comprehend with a stormy weather!

Mate! theres a storm and flood alert in the City!  Welcome to Australia!

It was a good flight though..Thanks to the kindness of my bosses to pick me up on the airport…and providing a service car to me! Hey its a Right Hand drive! Geesh…

So what else? I need to work!….Bang!..No internet…its down due to flooding and typhoon…

Where am I? At the Bay area fronting the Ocean! Yay! Waves coming over the breakwater and smashing the trees and the roads. Im safe…have to be safe. Check the area, spoke to my landlady and have to ensure that no tsunami or whatsoever warning or a record of the city from great flooding. Check! Clear! Time to go out and experience the Wonder of Storms!

See my photos during the storm and the aftermath.. A great place to visit for relaxing, strolling, a place to live – laid back style 🙂 Oh yeah lots of crabs around too! hope to try some soon!

Wynnum Brisbane




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