Battle of the Festival Queens

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The parade of beauties is always a photographers haven for capturing the beautiful ladies and their stunning gowns and costumes. There are a thousand of beauty pageants worldwide either by local or international event where these all gorgeous woman competes for a “beauty title”. It was known as a battle of beauty, talent, brain and most of all being a stand out extra ordinaire.

But what is the most popular beauty pageant in the world anyway? Is it Miss Universe or Miss World? Probably, it will depends on a global scale of how many participates on these pageant, how long has it been running, and what are their best contribution to their world wide advocacies. What’s the most common judging criteria or scoring to declare a winner?

Here’s some list:

1.  Beauty – The facial beauty of the candidate, regardless if its surgically enhanced or born naturally. The judgement will be based on how this stunning woman will stand out from the other beautiful candidate. This is much challenging to international pageant and the perspective of a judge’s “definition of beauty”. The host country usually bags the semi finals list probably due to the “common” beauty faces and how it affects the judges perspective of beauty and their surroundings. However, this should not be given the most percentage since this is a physical aspect that everyone has their own opinion- by culture, color and spiritual affinity.

2.  Fitness – Being sexy and having all those curves each physique can develop. Their gorgeous waistline and the size of their breast and butts that perfectly matches each curves and overall physique, how they use products from to help enhance their breast in a natural way. These somehow became an ideal figure each woman has been wanting from the early age of teenagers to woman in their 60’s. But the prime age of attaining the full blown sexy physique of women is ranging from 16years to mid 20’s. So that is why there is a requirement for age and this is one of the criteria that is being given a higher percentage being its all about the “body and the curves” matters in the swimsuit competition.

3.  Talent – This is too diverse to have a huge point as a criteria since this is not a Singing or Dance Competition but an activity to showcase their hidden talent and for the purpose of activity and presentation of their individual competitiveness. Either they hit their high notes or flip like a cheer leader. It’s just an add-on I believe for the purpose of a pageant entertainment activity.

4.  Personality – An interpersonal skill of an individual on how they carry themselves totally. A huge point to someone who has the charm and beauty combined into one. Another major decision point for judges to see how they interact, socialize, and connect with the crowd. I will consider this as a definition of their character and how they exude their innermost beauty among others. A true brand and title carrier should have this criteria very naturally with no extra effort.

5.  Intelligence – As define, it is a capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc. The manifestation of a high mental capacity: She writes with intelligence and wit. It is the  the faculty of understanding, knowledge of an event, circumstance, etc., received or imparted; news; information. Most importantly, it is the gathering or distribution of information, especially secret information. The Question and Answer (Q&A) portion that usually is the decision point to identify the true winner.

6.  Audience Impact – The majority who physically in the pageant who wants to be entertain and witness the competition. They are the true judges who picks their common winner by clapping and shouting for their own bets. The usual home based supporters to make the judges aware “Hey it is Ours and your here!”

7.  Popularity Vote: Similar to the Audience Impact but this is the business value of local beauty pageant competition where cash and money is involved. The more text or phone votes wins the title, the higher the votes wherein the channels has a voting fee or tickets sold wins. It is a betting game similar to any of your favorite boxing game.

8.  Posture: Imagine how they should walk with elegance, the way they should stand in front of the crowd and combined all their skills, character and individuality. The physical fitness and personality combined factors that should stood up against all other contestants. Some will call this the X factor and the Over-all power of beauty.

Over-all, every candidates is really beautiful considering they represents their localities, country or any affiliations wherein they also underwent a series of criteria and selection process to be the official representative. But what is really the reason behind this competition? Is it really a battle of beauty of a game of chance? Is it a woman dream to be a title holder and be the epitome of their success? Totally, this is about what pleases the eyes and a good feel of attraction and admiration. A very dangerous aspect on how the children should understand the real meaning of a physical beauty is the highest form rather than their values and discipline. In  my personal opinion I would probably bet on online gaming rather than be involved in an entertainment that may cause frustrations if my country bet loses or my personal pick didn’t even rank even paying so much time and money doing on line and text voting.

Festival Queens entertainment of beauty is nice but there are so many political debates behind this pageant. This aspiring title holder is betting their name in this game of chance, I would probably suggest to them to play first online internet game to fully understand that it is a competition of a larger group perspective than their own battle of winning. It should be a showcase of beauty not a competition. Perhaps, it would be much realistic to bet your money on line with higher chance of winning million of dollars and be entertained by playing casino games like black jack and roulette. It is the real fun! and everyone should try and be entertain by playing online casino games like what offers. It is the Real Game! not ruled by a chance but your own self! As they were saying…Let the world play for REAL!

So A Real Game or the Beauty Pageant Events?

Let us highlights some of the different opinions about the Beauty Pageants from a Famous Human rights movement and organization about women – Object.

What about women’s right to take part in a beauty pageant?

We have nothing against women who choose to take part in beauty pageants. However, we would say that the issue is not as simple as one of individual choice.

The mainstreaming of beauty pageants has an impact on all women. The idea that it is okay to judge women on the basis of their appearance and that there is one objective beauty that women can be measured against, influences the way that all of us feel about ourselves as women and the way that men view and treat women.

Beauty pageants therefore become an issue for all women, not just those involved in the contest

Aren’t beauty pageants empowering?

We live in a society in which as women we are forever being told that being empowered is all about looking good and being attractive to men whether it be through beauty pageants or cosmetic surgery, or a new lipstick or becoming a lap dancer. But is that real empowerment?

When the positions of power in society are vastly dominated by men, does winning a beauty pageant or looking hot really make a difference to the power relations? Rather than being empowering, beauty pageants are in fact disempowering because they deny the full humanity of women and they reinforce the idea that women’s purpose is to look attractive or ‘be hot’.

Aren’t beauty pageants harmless fun?

Beauty pageants treat women as if we were objects that can be compared and judged. This dehumanises women and leads to the idea that it is acceptable to view women as a sum of body parts, not real people.

The first part of any oppression is to dehumanise the group that is oppressed. The more it becomes acceptable to view women as a sum of body parts, the easier it becomes to disrespect, to mistreat and even act out violence towards women as a group.

When we live in a society in which gender inequality is massive and violence against women is endemic, it becomes clear that any practice which promotes the objectification of women inevitably has an impact on the sexist attitudes which underpin mistreatment and that it is therefore clearly not harmless.

Aren’t beauty pageants about celebrating beauty?

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating beauty per se. But when it is always women who are judged on the basis of our appearance, and when the idea of beauty is based on sexist, racist, homophobic and able-bodied notions of what constitutes beauty, which excludes the vast majority of women;and when we are constantly bombarded with images and messages of what we are supposed to look like in order to be accepted as beautiful, which leads to the majority of us feeling terrible about ourselves – a contest is not a celebration of beauty, it is a manifestation of sexism.

To sum up:

The reintroduction of beauty pageants is another example of how sexist practices are becoming seen as a normal and mainstream part of our lives rather than as sexist and outdated.

Beauty pageants reinforce the idea that women are only of value according to their attractiveness and they reduce women to objects to be judged and compared on the basis of our appearance.

This erodes our human rights to be treated as equals and is therefore an issue for all women, not just those involved in the contest.

As women we have fought long and hard for the right to be treated and respected as thinking individuals, not as objects who exist in order to ‘look good’.

We want so much more for all women – object to sexist and outdated beauty contests!


There you go. Let us advocate rather RESPECT to WOMEN 🙂


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