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March 16, 2012

The new Department of Tourism promotion banner “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” is really working not just by photos but also based on the ongoing political events in the country. The recent NEW Filipino words being posted on Facebook and Twitter is really very creative and so real to feel the Filipino people’s unified messages addressed to the current government leaders. The new words sounds funny but the underlying meaning is truly relevant.

Here it is:

NOYNOYING – taken from the Philippines President nick name which means, doing nothing, just bored, lingering around, not focused, being present but mind is not there, sleeping while at work, being lazy, not acting to important details, etc. The word simply labels a person who is doing nothing or walang ginagawa.

YELLOWTARDS – from the root words Yellow and Retardate. Refers to President Noy followers and believers

NOYNOYMONS – from the root words Noynoy and Jejemon. A name combined with a group who has their own languages and spellings who flocks together promoting the new ways of texting, speaking and  even their fashion styles and hobbies.

WAH – from the root word Waaaah! an expression of crying due to surprise by depression and failure. Taken from a child whining situation. This popular term was used by Senator Miriam Santiago during an impeachment trial saying her speech of depression. After a fiery statement to the prosec panel (again. Doesn’t this lot just want to hide in shame?), Sen Miriam blurted a “waaah!”, an expression most of us would probably use either in surprise or frustration or anxiety.

This is a travesty! Ang sabi nyo, malakas na malakas ang ebidenysa nya kasi eight ang articles of impeachment. Bilangin mo, walo yun. Pagkatapos ng dalawang buwan pa lang , ah wala na. Tatlo na lang…kasi tama na yun panalo na kami [You said that your evidence was strong because you have eight articles of impeachment. Count it. That’s eight. And after only two months, they’re gone. And we’re down to three… That’s enough because we’ve already won]. Waaah!”  (laughter from the gallery!)

“I request the secretariat should record in our journal that I said waaah!” she said, making the crowd to laugh uncontrollably that Senate President had to bang his gavel several times. Impeachment trials are more fun in the Philippines!

PENOY a known Filipino food delicacy made of duck eggs which has a lot of soft egg yolks. However, this is now being termed to the President Noy instead of PNOY not called Penoy, meaning not fully matured, just a brain and nothing else.

That’s all for now guys. I will post more New Words and probably have a photo relating its meaning too soon 🙂 I am excited for New words for Ms Grace Lee!

Until Next!


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