The 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition – Finland and Portugal

February 25, 2012

This is the third date from the six colorful nights of the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2012.

Today is also a commemorative day for Edsa Revolution 1986, a freedom day they said that lifts the Filipinos from the Marcos Regime but currently ruled by the Yellow Army with a President who never been a “family man” or a religious devotees same as his mother, too far from the values of a true soldier and tactical leader of his father. Could be a true genes of a great leader but turn out to be the opposite polarity of the breeder. Anyway’s let us just wish that the departed souls of our unsung heroes and known heroes of the Philippines transcend and wake up the mind of the voting majority in the next elections.

About the Competition:

The 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition opens at the SM Mall of Asia, the country’s top lifestyle mall by the scenic Manila Bay. This annual event will put on a never-before-seen spectacle of lights and colors where the night sky and sea meet as staged by the world’s leading pyrotechnic experts.This competition will not only paint the Manila sky with brilliant bursts of vivid color, but will also be the venue to showcase the emerging artistry and evolving sophistication of Filipino fireworks technology. The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition will be imbued with the awesome fanfare and delightful displays of the world’s leading pyrotechnic events, but done with that distinct Filipino flourish that will surely bring together eager audiences from all over the region.


February 11, 2012: South Korea 7PM, Malta 8pm

February 18, 2012: United Kingdom 7pm, Spain 8pm

February 25, 2012: Finland 7pm, Portugal 8pm

March 3, 2012: China 7pm, The Netherlands 8pm

March 10, 2012: Australia 7pm, Canada 8pm

March 17, 2012: Italy 7pm, Philippines 8pm

Competing Countries for Today : Finland and Portugal

Finland represented by Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.

Address: Fonseenintie 4, Helsinki, FI-00370, Finland

+358(0)9 4780 0785; Fax +358(0)9 4780 0792
Portugal represented by Grupo Luso Pirotecnia
Av. Aliança Povo MFA

+351 21 274 10 56
+351 21 274 10 58

Finland by Pyroman

Finland by Pyroman

Portugal by Grupo Luso Pirotecnia

Grupo Luso of Portugal

2012 Pyromusical - Finland & Portugal

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