True Bonding. More Fun in the Philippines














January 11, 2012

This new tourism slogan for the Philippines is really great. Though it is similar to Switzerland tourism campaign the 1950’s, the impact of the “more fun” is incomparable mostly to our own Filipino OFW’s and who misses the Philippines culture. It is a wake up call to our Filipino brothers and sisters all over the world to reconnect and make the Philippines a “Value Fun Destination” not just because of our beautiful white beaches, but the culture, our good charming values and the people itself. Let me start my slogan “True Bonding. More Fun in the Philippines!”

Being a Kid. This is the happiest moments during our life where having fun with our playmates is our routine. The age of our innocence and dreaming beyond. Our foundation of strength with our truest friends. We will always be Kids at Heart!

Indeed. True Pinoy Bonding, More Fun in the Philippines!


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