Authentic Lines, More fun in the Philippines!

You will probably surprise that the Philippines has a Safari Adventure with Zebras and Giraffes (among other animals) on the loose. This is in Calauit Island, Palawan. Should you want to try this safari adventure, then be ready for a boat ride adventure for 2 hours 30 minutes just going to the island and same time to go back to Coron Island, Palawan. The boat transfers on-boarding schedule usually start as early as 4am, so expect a rough water ride! that is really a lot of thrill and fun.

Why so early? It’s the feeding time for the animals and they dont go out at noon time (its hot!), so the earlier the better. You will have the chance to feed and mingle with them (just be extra careful) while they are having their morning walk and play time. It’s surely worth your time to experience Calauit Safari Adventure!

What else? going back to Coron Island is another experience of Island Hopping, Lunch at the Boat, Cave Touring and even Ship Wreck Diving! Fun, fun, fun! that will surely make your full day with lots of adventure. From 4am till 6pm!

Authentic Lines, the zebra lines- All original, not fake, not a drawing, pure breed. Philippines being labelled as a bazaar for knock-offs and fake DVD’s. Well- consider us, as an extension market of ever famous China brands who made all these knock-offs being sent to the Philippines, including those DVD’s with chinese sub-titles? But as far as originality is concern. Filipinos has its own brands and truly authentic. Check out our leather goods, wood crafts, garment lines, shoes and home decors. And our famous statement “lines” Mabuhay Pilipinas! with our very own charming and authentic Filipino accent. Understandable, spelled correctly with gusto and pride.

Authentic Lines. More fun in the Philippines!

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