Month: January 2012


Eating Organic Foods at Sugarleaf

It’s true that organic foods typically cost more than conventional, but this may be true only in the short-term. After you adopt a healthier lifestyle with healthier food choices, including organics, you may find yourself frequenting the doctor’s office much less and spending less on medications — over the counter and prescriptions — and not to mention a lower chance of being prematurely dead. It’s important to know that organically produced foods have to meet rigorous governing regulations in all aspects of production. It’s labor and management-intensive, usually produced on smaller farms, which don’t benefit from economies of scale. These factors combine, causing the cost to be higher. But as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”


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Authentic Lines, More fun in the Philippines!

Authentic Lines! For there is more fun in the Philippines!



True Bonding. More Fun in the Philippines

This new tourism slogan for the Philippines is really great. Though it is similar to Switzerland tourism campaign the 1950’s, the impact of the “more fun” is incomparable mostly to our own Filipino OFW’s and who misses the Philippines culture. It is a wake up call to our Filipino brothers and sisters all over the world to reconnect and make the Philippines a “Value Fun Destination” not just because of our beautiful white beaches, but the culture, our good charming values and the people itself. Let me start my slogan “True Bonding. More Fun in the Philippines!”