Day 333/365: Twenty Five Years Anniversary of MICG

November 30, 2011


A great night to see again friends and colleagues for the twenty five years anniversary of Mary Immaculate Choral Group (MICG). They were the group I used to sing with in a choir loft over 20 years ago and now they are celebrating the 25th anniversary! Congratulations to MICG!

There are so many good memories to remember during my choral days, it was my singing skills breakthrough as a solo artist and partly help me in doing singing engagement for weddings and special occasions. The most memorable was singing solo for a verse during an offering for a Papal Awardee with 10 singing chorale backing me up during the papal awardee altar march. It was a great experience that gave me a confidence to sing and offer that given talent to God. That I miss doing and would like to do soon again. The prayer offering through singing for God!

The MICG also brought so many friendship that solidify the truest form of my earned values and respect to religion, believers, church servants and volunteers. Those were my teen years of developing trust and beliefs towards other people and have kept that good values with friends and family over the decades. The love and respect is totally overflowing within the group and I admire the leadership that was shown by the committee in protecting the name of the choral unto this date. I salute you guys and more power to you!

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