Day 332/365: The Marvel’s Bubble Gum

November 29, 2011


Are you a fan of Bubble Gums? Do you still remember your favorite candy box when you were still a kid? Well, I am showing here a photo of bubble gum box with your favorite Marvel Heroes- Spiderman, Xmen, and Fantastic Four. The box was really enticing and I am fan of X-Men Series and Fantastic Four, not so much of Spiderman. Why? I prefer the team and group heroes with different enemies and can save the world! not just New York City 🙂 Anyway, I wonder how this boxes can be commercially available with the permission of the copyright/patent owners? I see this very often in different merchandise for kids, even on their notebooks. Is this legal? Maybe you can tell me on the restrictions of use of patents and copyrights.

About the Bubble Gum? I suggest to have an age restriction on the labels and recommend it probably to teens and not good for kids! Why? they should be thought on its proper disposal, its all sugar and not good for their diet, and can probably ruin their scheduled meals. It’s not a toy that they can play on their hands and stick it anywhere. The schools and nearby stores should also prohibit selling bubble gums to children and if they do, if found messing up the area should penalize the selling establishment. Am I being too strict? It’s just a suggestion to protect our children and protect our environment too. Let me know your comments too about Candy Bubble Gums .

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