Day 320/365: Ready Set Fire! @ Armscor

November 17, 2011

I had an invitation to go to Marikina City for an organization meeting. I didn’t know the place and it was my first time to visit Armscor. To my surprise, it was a firing range and my fellow org members were a hobbyist and expert in the field of gun sports. Whoa!

Though I love to watch action movies and looking at those awesome guns, but I am not a fan of doing the clicks and rolling the bullets. And now I am here and I’d been asked to face my fear! (guns) and do some outdoor live gun firing (Scared). Thanks to my very supportive colleagues Dr and Dra Dy, they taught me how to hold the gun, it’s safety measures, the distance and posture plus the type of armor I can use. Hmmm easy? Yes it was! I cant fire it with a shaking hand at first, being paranoid that it will fire back at me, or I will shoot my feet, etc etc, and after prayers and focus. Bang! Bang! Bang! almost close to my center target. Yehey! It was a success!

I had another round with another Cal. 45 and Wow, this is addicting! until they have asked me if i can do the run and shoot..Ooops not yet! I might shot myself by running (still paranoid hehe) but I guarantee you that it was fun!

Thanks to my She Moves Family! breakthrough!

At Armscor Outdoor Firing Range


About Armscor Philippines:

In 1905, two Englishmen named Roy Squires and William Bingham put up a photo print shop and merchandising firm in the Philippines. The company established was called Squires, Bingham & Co.

Squires and Bingham eventually expanded their business to general trading; importing and retailing motorcycles and sporting goods – including firearms and ammunition. By the 1930’s, Squires Bingham Co. had become popularly associated with sporting guns. It was at this point in time that Arthur D. Hileman, an ex-US Army Hospital Corpsman, purchased the store from its original owners.

In 1941, the store – referred to as the “Sportsmen’s Headquarters” – found a new owner in Celso S. Tuason. Unfortunately, just four months after he purchased the store, World War II broke out and Japan invaded the Philippines! Naturally, the invaders first order of business, much to dismay of Don Celso, was to confiscate all the firearms in his store. To survive, Squires Bingham Company had to rely on its clothing and haberdashery during those dark years.

After the war, due to foreign exchange controls, Don Celso Tuason decided to venture into manufacturing. He focused on the most popular and profitable item in the store – firearms and ammunition. Like most countries after World War II, it was a time of rebuilding. Thus, in 1952, the President of the Philippines granted the Tuason family permission to manufacture firearms and ammunition locally as it was in line with his governments thrust towards industrialization. This led to the birth of Squires Bingham Manufacturing. Inc.

In the mid-1960’s, Don Celson Tuason decided that it was time to turn over the management of the Company to his three sons – Bolo, Butch and Conkoy. In 1980, Squires Bingham Co., Inc. became the holding company of the Celso S. Tuason family and their varied business interests. Don Celso’s eldest son, Demetrio “Bolo” Tuason, was chosen to be the Chairman and President of the manufacturing company for firearms and ammunition. Thus, Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor) was born.

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Our Toys
Our Toys
At Armscor Outdoor Firing Range
At Armscor Outdoor Firing Range



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