Day 317/365: Kid’s Playroom Ideas

November 14, 2011

Kid’s Playroom is a place where the feeling of excitement and fun begins at home. For a common Filipino family, it is our living room, bedroom, our garage or even our streets became our playground. Though it is highly recommended to have it indoor, but it will be a challenge for some like us, who lives in a condominium.  I probably need to convert some small place to make a room for my daughter to move around and secure safety too. Anyway, I am Thankful for some facilities who has a Kid’s room where kid’s can play and have fun! And luckily it’s just beside our Sugarleaf Branch in Makati at the Medicard Lifestyle Center.

Bring your kids at Sugarleaf and have them enjoy the nutritious food and play in the next room 🙂

Kids Room @ Medicard Lifestyle Center

Here are some General Playroom Ideas for your place:

  1. Give ‘em room to play! True play needs space.  Large barren spaces on the floor that can act as an empty canvas for the days adventures.  If you have a spare “bonus” room for a playroom then all power to you, but if you are in a simple apartment kids will adapt just fine.  The trick is to find a place and keep it empty for them.  To find room in our town home we actually moved our dinner table and chairs into the kitchen and reconfigured our family room to find empty space for the kids.
  2. Give ‘em time! Kids need time to play with themselves, with other kids and with mom and dad!  In addition, don’t rush them.  Letting them struggle through the small challenges will go a long way to help them overcome larger ones.
  3. Location, location, location! Kids like to be near their parents.  If you put a playroom far off from where you congregate you will either be constantly putting toys back in the playroom or trying to get your kids to play there.  Ideally the best place is a room off of or nearby the kitchen as it is often the central hub of a house.  If you are a Fung Shui family then stick to the West of the house as it is the best location for creativity.
  4. Rotation, rotation, rotation! Toddlers quickly get bored with toys.  To help keep things exciting, rotate some of your toys.  If you are superhuman you can attempt to rotate all of them, but if you stick to one set of toys a week it will work just fine.  All toys in fact don’t need to be rotated.  If a child has a favorite there is no need to rip it out of their hands just for the sake of rotation!  The best system I have seen is have a couple of numbered plastic bins.  At the end of the week fill up one bin, stack it with the other stored toys, then bring out the next bucket of toys in the rotation.  To fully utilize the rotation system without going crazy be sure your larger toys (too big to store and rotate) are basic and/or generic.  For example, a plain wooden dollhouse  or “fort” that can be used for dinosaurs or Star Wars characters one week and My Little Ponies the next.  Play carpets that include both trains and cars are also a safe bet.
  5. Keep it Simple. Remember your goal is not to reinvent the wheel with every toy phase your child goes through.  Don’t go overboard with any particular theme or decoration as they most likely move onto another obsession before you muster up enough energy to re-decorate the room.  In addition, be careful not to overcrowd the playroom with toys.  A cluttered playroom is akin to a cluttered desk, neither are very productive.
  6. Designate “Play Areas.” Organization allows kids to play more effectively and independently.  When kids know where to go to find something as well as were things go when it’s time to clean up, everyone is happier.  In addition, if kids can’t see a toy or don’t have access to it they won’t play with it, thereby wasting money on unused toys.  One of the best ways to organize to create play areas.  Don’t think that by area I mean an entire section of a room, a simple section of a wall or corner will do just fine.
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