Day 310 and 311/365: The Siblings and our neighbor Bubble Tea

November 7, 2011

Day 310: The Siblings

West Greenhills is currently consider as my second home. It’s not the post village but the Sugarleaf shop in Wilson St. And what occurs today is really great meeting the Uy siblings and had some refreshment in our neighbor shop Bubble Tea.

I probably do miss the family gathering when everyone is there, your siblings, kids, uncles and aunties and everyone is having fun! This great event occurred to me today together with the Uy’s. The coffee presentation and sharing moments was really an eye opener and how a family can be aligned altogether by having a common language and philosophies of life. I found a brother and a sister with the Uy’s and they even call me now Uy Magnifico!

For you my Uy brother and sister:

Cheers to you for thy wonderful kindness and greatness of agape

The laughters and tears that binds good friendship of a lasting ties.

The breakthroughs we have overcome and the wins that makes us proud

The gift of the universe to bless our lives and be of a value for others.

Thank You for sharing the gift of friendship.

The Uy's


November 8, 2011

Day 311- Bubble Tea

Before we end the night, we drop by on our neighbor store – Bubble Tea. I am actually impressed with the interiors and the lighting. The shop is not just a tea store but a place to hang out and eat. It’s just that, the price is quite pricey and I know its not healthy 🙂 Powder flavor, oily and fried foods. Apologies..I need to live with our store advocacy saving our environment too. I just hope that this pricey stores offers the healthy stuff in exchange of a pricey mark up. To invest more on the healthy benefit of the customers than having nice chairs, interiors and equipments. I forgot its business as usual 🙂 Thanks to healthy tea (as advertise) flavored by powdered extracts and milks. It’s good with refined sugar and flavorings! I need my detox afterwards.Great name though Bubble Tea!

Bubble Tea


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