Day 305/365: Our Friendly Gasoline Boy

November 02, 2011

Who’s your favorite gasoline station? Caltex, Shell, Petron, UniOil, SeaOil? I am curious to know if you ever acknowledge the friendliness of the gasoline boy in the Philippines? This is their usual spiels.

“Good Morning/Evening Sir/Mam!”

“Diesel or Gas Po”

Yes Sir, (after you mentioned how much petrol you are purchasing) Please check the counter Sir, It’s already Zero.

Sir, would you like us to clean your wind shields?

Sir, how about your water, your tire air and break?

Sir, we have a promo. If you purchase this much you will have this free items of have a discount on your next visit. Points their finger to the poster nearby and hand to you their marketing materials of forms.

Thank You Sir! Please visit us again po.

Gasoline Boy


Have you notice how polite and courteous they were? It could be their training but I admire and really appreciate how much they do care to us drivers. I do sometimes, ignores the courtesy but Hey it is probably how they balance the stress we encounter on the roads and remind us to be safe always.

What was their skill levels anyways?

– Must be a High School Graduate or High School Level

– Can understand and speak English or Tagalog

– Should be polite and with experience in Customer Service.

– Willing to work on shifts





These skill set is just a personal observation based on our frequent encounters with them. But what is you guess? What do you think is the job fit to be a Pump or Gasoline Boy?

I just hope that they will be protected and be covered by insurances being exposed everyday to fumes and explosive gases.

So give Thanks to your friendly Pump Boy! You don’t have that type of service in other country. The friendliness is Only in the Philippines 🙂

Kudos to our Philippines Gasoline Boy!


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