Day 304/365: Happy Halloween!

November 01, 2011

Do you have any horror stories? Any ghost and earthlings encounters? I believe each of us would probably hear or experience about ghost and close encounters with spirits or “aswang” in Tagalog.

Let me share my super extraordinary encounters with the ghosts. Since my childhood, I never believe or being scared or frightened with ghost (multo) or earthlings (lamang lupa), probably I never witness or experience any until we transferred home when I was 9 years old. Even before they built our house, the place is already spooky to me. It was a nice neighborhood with trees and my father said it was his inheritance from our grandfather. During the land digging, they found a native pot buried and it was secured with a cap. It is a typical palayok (native pot) but it was burried with a cap (takip). The laborers were so excited to look if there are some money in it but it was just a full of mud and empty. How it was get there? we dont know.

Ghost Stories

Happy Halloween

The next day, one of the laborer died for an unknown cause. My mother keep the old pot, thinking it was lucky and can be sold soon being its an authentic antique. One of my grandmother stay with us and it was my first time to live with her. She’s very kind and being teased by our neighbor as a snob, but the truth is, she keeps on giving me coins so I can buy candies. Few months later, our grandmother Lola Nitang died of sickness. I never saw her then but she left her old closet with us. Life goes on and being a child, I used to play a lot in our backyard and I keep on finding old coins in the ground. Those coins were the antique coins and really the bronze type. I kept it on my piggy bank (which I dont know where it was now). Our place was still strange and it continues when a thunder hits the three coconut trees, which kills them all afterwards. My eldest brother who was so fond of superstitions and earthlings was telling me that it was a sign of treasure and it tells us that there are something buried on our land. But of course we just ignore those kind of beliefs and we thought it was just for fun, until there are more signs of smokes coming out from an old tree roots and I actually play on it thinking it was just nothing, but I didnt ask where is the source of those smokes. It was really a smoke but theres no underground canal or pipes that will produce those smokes. I informed my brother about it, and he said. It was a sign! that there’s really something on our land.

Since we transferred to that place and build our house. Our family relationship got worse. A lot of domestic violence and failing business of my mother. The next 10 years of living on that place was an experience I ran away with and pursue to live somewhere else. How I will relate it to the pot? The first death occurs when it was digged. The second death occurs in our place-my grandmother, the second death occurs on the house in front of us. The third death was the next house beside us, she was my playmate who died of a disease at 13 years old . Followed by a terrible death of my playmates being stabbed, the next is another neighbor who was gunned down and the fourth, fifth, sixth death was like a domino effect encircling our neighborhood, us being in the middle. I remember I placed a rosary inside the pot, and many times I was informed that there is something on that pot that we need to push away. I informed my mother about it and she decided to put it outside. Also, there are a lot of ghost stories in our house too, we are being locked up in the restroom, someone is walking on the second floor and even during my late night studies, the electric fan will just stop and run again. My younger brother has his shares of stories too, a white skirt of a woman on the top of the staircase. Our neighborhood saying there’s someone in our window staring outside, and here’s something really scary a ball of smoke I saw in my room who pops out in the ceiling and give me chills and fever afterwards. I dont want to believe that there’s a curse on that place which was unlock by the pot when it’s lid or cap was broken. However, the violence it created on our place, the death and my decision to run away may not all be related. Until this black woman chases us to our new home, it continue being seen by my mother until she got sick and died too. It is the same case that happens to my my eldest brother, He got sick and died too. Our old house was still there, it was locked for almost years without anyone living there, all of our neighbors was telling ghost stories that someone was living there and guarding the house. A woman is still being seen on the window at night. I even saw the black woman shadow one time when it appears in my bed side and I was totally got scared and shocked. She maybe following me or someone in the family, looking for help? or doing her revenge? I am not aware where is the pot now. But it never put me to prolong running away from our place and went back there. It was still our old house, but I cannot feel any special forces inside. All I know, I am being guarded now by my mother and eldest brother. And with them I should feel more safe. It is my faith to God that keeps me now. And there’s no other bad spirit and evil doings can touch my family. In my mind I am creating now peace. It could be the pot and how it created the chains of death and misfortunes. But who will be scared if God is with us? To you our guardian black woman shadow, our prayers for your eternal peace.

Happy Halloween!

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