Day 303/365: Malabon’s Best

October 31, 2011

If you happen to read my Day 302, where I experience a First Day Last Day moment. Today is the continuation of my life breakthroughs. I believe I am now ready to face a long challenge that is holding me back for almost 15 years now, to face my own father. My story is an open book for my friends and colleagues, most to those who knows my mother and our sad stories. It is a victim stories which I have to put an end and move to a present life.

I was born in Malabon, raised and grew up in Malabon for 23 years before I decided to move out from our house, and hop houses due to serious family problems. It was my victim story but to cut the story short, I have learned from it and being a father now – it is time for me to do this they so called ‘miraculous gestures’

As early as 9am, we are ready and left our home with my family, brother, sister-in law and her sons and our destination is to visit our old house in Malabon. I am not sure what awaits us, so we first had our lunch at Judy Ann’s Restaurant Malabon. My Uncle Bino actually keeps on boasting their Crispy Pata (Pork Knuckles) and to be honest, I’d been seeing this restaurant for ages but I havent tried it. Anyway, this is time to fill in our tummy’s by Malabon’s Best Hole in a Wall Restaurant- Jamicos Restaurant famous Crispy Pata. Though I am hungry and would like to eat as much as I want, I am actually nervous on this breakthrough that I need to accomplish as soon as possible. We ordered for a Large Crispy Pata, Torta, Pansit Miki-Bihon, Special Fried Rice and Hototay Soup.










The Crispy Pata is awesome! it is crispy, well cooked, and yes, it is one of Malabon’s Best. The other food was really filling and tastes good too. I just need to take some bite of Crispy Pata and had a cup of my favorite Hototay soup to be ready on my face off with my father. I am definitely on a peace mode and not expecting any high blood moments.

Anyway, I have a key to all of these breakthrough. My wife and daughter Zcy, whom I wanted to introduce to my Tatay. And I bet he will be surprise to meet Nancy, my daugher 🙂 named after my mother.

So today is filling up our stomach first before the heavy drama moments. Thanks to Jamico’s restaurant for making us brave! and salute to their very friendly food value! We even have a take home from what we have ordered for 6 pax which is only worth almost P200 each. I will surely go back and buy this yummy Crispy Pata for take out.


Jamicos Restaurant

Address: 201 Gen. Luna St., Malabon City (in front of Meralco) Tel# 281-41-93

Now, on to my breakthrough. The face off was really light, though I could feel the “curiosity” on what happened to my son? My intent is true on bringing my family there and close all issues and gaps we have for decades. It is my gesture of peace for him and his new family. I finally met my half-sister, and even embrace her mother. It could be the courage and guidance of my Nanay and Kuya in heaven, for sure they are smiling seeing us “together again”. We also visited our grandmother, Lola Idad with my Tatay who was so excited to show to the rest of the community in the streets that “Hey, Look at my sons and their family” we are now happy and at peace. I cant deny how happy I am deep inside that I was able to unlock all my fears and walk in the street with pride with a thoughts that everything should end well and we can all start anew. Thanks to my brother Mond as well for having an open mind and join me on this breakthrough, and yes, when I post our pictures in Facebook, so many people have commented and even cried for what they have witnessed. I am glad I was able to share some happiness and inspiration to others. I’ve got Super Likes and very touching messages in my Facebook wall which is not anymore a surprise. I just believe that forgiveness is the key so we can all start a new life. I believe I just connected some links to make the impossible, possible! And make unbelievable, believable.

Thanks to my StarShooter 83 family for bringing The Magnifico in me! and yes, I am a true blooded Malabon’s Best! burp! (its the Crispy Pata)

Magnifico & BraveHeart



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