Day 302/365: Masuki, Binondo’s Original Mami and Siopao House

October 30, 2011

Today is unbelievably extra ordinary. The experience I had this morning is My First-Last Day story of someone I called “Nanay” until she gave her last breath away after hearing me and touching her hands. To you, Nanay Aurelia. Thank You for sharing your life and this unforgettable experience I had been resisting since my mother and eldest brother’s death. To be beside to someone on their time of death. Now I know how it feels, and the importance of saying goodbye’s and just being there. May the Lord Bless You and keep you Nanay Aurelia.

And so that is how I started my entire morning with my team mates, visiting the elderly people of Missionaries of Charity in Manila. The service of being there and seeing what the future may behold for everyone, if we will ignore our present lives, getting old alone? away from our ever dearest love ones? and die without them besides us. Truly sad and moving, but hey! this opens a lot of an eye opener for each one of us, Its not yet too late. There is still hope and today is the day to create what the future may look like for us.

Masuki SS83

Our entire afternoon was all about finding a place to eat in Binondo, courtesy of our tour guide – The Uy’s” .We  all went to this Mami House where everyone was truly surprised on the big servings of the Siopao which will really fill up your stomach. The Special Siopao is really huge! and the filling is really tasty, combined it with your special Chicken Mami is my reward for our Morning Service in the Charity.

About  Masuki Mami Restaurant (formerly known as Ma Kong) was established Ma Chi On in 1930 as a small eatery in Binondo. For more than half a century now, the company has been using the recipe that made it grow to be the restaurant that serves the public with food that epitomizes authenticity and cuisine perfection of a Chinese Mami and Siopao meals. Masuki’s extensive menu composed of siopao, siomai and different variations of mami noodles.   Siopao Boy will still offer the same food as Masuki but the company came up with budget sized Mami, Siopao and Siomai to fit everyone’s lifestyle. Aside from the traditional Chinese merienda, Siopao Boy will serve rice toppings and other dimsum variety.

 Ms. Willen Ma, a graduate of College of Pharmacy at Centro Escolar University is the Operations Manager of Masuki Branch in Manila for 7 years.  She is also in charge of the purchasing and production departments of the company.  Mr. Bowie Kho, on the other hand, has been a front desk officer of a hotel for 6 years and is in charge of the overall HRD and Operations Manager of Masuki Branch in Greenhills and Siopao Boy in AIC Gold Tower.  


Contact Information:


931 Benavidez Street, Binondo, Manila

Phone # 244-07-45 / 243-26-74



368 Unit 203 Sekai Center, Ortigas Avenue Cor. Madison Street, Greenhills, San Juan 

Phone # 744-27-20 / 744-27-21



AIC Gold Tower, 101 F. Ortigas Cor. Garnett Street, Ortigas Commercial Center,

Pasig City, Phone # 914-10-66


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