Day 300/365: The Cutest Darna! @ 5 Months

October 28, 2011

Who is Darna?  Her real name is Narda. She is transforming from human to an extra terrestrial being with super powers. Similar to DC’s Hero Wonder Woman, Superman, Lastic Man, etc. Mars Ravelo’s has an equivalent FIlipino Super friends- Darna, Captain Barbel, Lastikman and Dyesebel.

Her famous enemies: Valentina (goddess of the snakes”); Armida the Hawk Woman, Babaing Impakta (The conjoined Evil Twins), Babaing Tuod (Lucifera the Tree Monster), Babaing Linta (Garda the Leech Woman), Isputnik., Giants, Ms. Luna (Manananggal), Braguda (Queen of Darkness) & her Anomalka Warriors, Mambabarang (Warlock King of Insects), Sulfura, Molecula (Shape-shifter), Nosforamus (Grim Reaper & right hand man of Braguda), Dr. Zombie (Re-Animator of corpses), Black Darna

Darna has a brother named Ding who knows about her secret and they both love their granny  Isabel (grandmother)

First Appearance: “Darna”, Pilipino Komiks #77 (Pilipino Comics, May 13th 1950) , Powers/Abilities: Possesses the “allure of Venus, the glory of Apollo and the strength of Samson”. Flight, super strength, super speed and indestructible to all man made weapons. She can switch between forms by stating their names (Darna to become Darna, Narda to become Narda), though unlike others who similarly transform using trigger words, she must also want to transform when she utters the name; in other words, she can say the name of whichever form she is not using without automatically changing. The White Stone of the Adranika (a.k.a. Darna’s Magic White Stone) – properties as revealed in the latest tv series:

  • Contained within the magic white stone of the Adranika is the very essence of this noble race’s power. When this mystic talisman is ingested by the Earth girl, Narda- she is able to channel the persona of DARNA by yelling this name. But ingesting the stone and yelling the name is not enough in channeling the “spirit of the stone”.

  • She must have a pure heart with a selfless dedication to protecting the innocent and vanquishing evil. Narda cannot become Darna if her motivations are fueled by hatred and/ or vengeance. The power of Darna cannot be harnessed properly by a person easily allow themselves to be overcome by their emotions and/or selfish desire. Discipline and training is essential. This is why it is forbidden for the host to fall in love or to be selfish. More importantly, the Darna persona (which is the very embodiment of Adranikan power) cannot be channeled by just anyone. Only a person chosen by the magic stone itself can become DARNA and that is Narda, also known as “the chosen one”.

  • The white stone may be the only one of its kind but it does have an opposite- the Black Stone of the Anomalka which is under the possession of Braguda- the Queen of Darkness and ruler of the Anomalkas (Planet Marte’s Evil underground dwelling race). Braguda has long sought the Adranikan stone because anyone who possesses both the black stone od the Anomalka and white stone of the Adranika will have the power necessary to conquer and dominate any planet. Although Braguda cannot channel the persona of “Darna” should she manage to acquire it, she can utilize the stone’s energy to boost her own and be a threat to the universe. This is why the magic white stone must never be allowed to fall into the hands of Braguda.

In the recent tv series, Darna released all her pent-up negative emotions, which took on a form of their own, Black Darna. (Hmmm same as Black Spidey?)

History: When young Narda witnessed a falling star late one night and went to investigate where it landed, she found a strange little stone (revealed to be from the planet Marte, and containing the mystical essence of the Andranika inhabitants of same) with the word Darna written on it. Hearing others approaching, she popped it in her mouth and in a moment of impetuousness, swallowed it. Instantly she was overtaken by a sensation of travelling through space, and collapsed. She was found by her guardian, her grandmother, who took her home and put her to bed. Later she asked Narda what had happened, and the young girl recounted the story of her find. But when she said the word that had been inscribed on the stone, she was instantly transformed in a flash of lightning into a tall, Amazonian woman. This was Darna, a mighty warrior of Marte, named after the mythological Adarna bird. Narda was channeling the alien woman. Luckily Darna meant no harm and by saying Narda, she was able to change back.

Since then Darna has been a constant protector of the innocent and helpless people from a variety of threats and villains.

Darna has been around since 1950. According to the Manila Times “Darna is a cultural icon born at a time when the Philippines was struggling to come out of the devastation of World War II. She served as a salve to a country looking for champion.” She has appeared in films, played by Rosa del Rosario (Darna, 1951, plus Darna at ang Babaeng Lawin, 1952), Liza Moreno (Si Darna at ang babaeng impakta, 1963, plus Isputnik vs. Darna, 1963), Eva Montes (Darna at ang babaeng tuod, 1964), Gina Pareño (Si Darna at ang Planetman, 1969); Vilma Santos (Lipad, Darna, lipad!, 1973, plus Darna at Ding, 1980); Brenda del Rio (Darna Kuno, 1979); and Nanette Medved (Darna, 1991). She was also the star of a 1977 TV series by Lorna Tolentino, a 1986 cartoon series by GMA 7, and a stage production by Ballet Manila which starred Liza Macuja. On April 4, 2005 the Pilot Episode of “Darna:The TV Series” aired on GMA-7 in both the Philippines and Japan. Starring Angel Locsin as Darna, the series is the highest rated Filipino Prime-Time TV Series.

In 1947 writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo created a female superhero for Bulaklak comics – Varga. Ravelo’s daughter, Rita la Cruz, says her father based her on images of Superman he saw in comics brought to the Phillipines by U.S. soldiers. When Ravelo left Bulaklak two years later after a falling out with the editor, he couldn’t take his creation with him, as she belonged to the company. So instead he took the concept and image, and renamed her Darna, after the Adarna bird of Philippine mythology. Over the years she appeared in Kenkoy, Liwayway, Kampeon and Atlas Comics; this last company published her in English and in colour, but apparently of the storylines were of “low quality” (according to Ruta de la Cruz), which offset these attempts to widen her sales appeal. She is currently being published by Mango Comics , who hope to bring her adventures not only to another generation of Filipinos, but also to a broader, worldwide, audience too.


My Cutest Darna Version:

Years from now, my daughter will surely read or saw this Filipino epic heroine. And I bet she will be surprise or probably went hilarious seeing this post on the web 🙂 That once upon a time. She was a Baby Darna! Happy 5th Month Old my baby!

Zcy Darna

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