Day 296 & 297 : A Tale of Two Sites (Restroom and Garage)

October 24, 2011 : Day 296

Our Sugarleaf Restoom, Very Clean and Well Sanitized. This is always a customer major concern whenever they visit any restaurant or food store (including myself) to check how clean is their restroom. The restroom is designed with imported tiles and wall mirrors to make it bigger . It has a toilet bowl and urinals for men. There is also a natural freshener to make a customer experience “fresh” and “clean”

The shot is experimental to project an infinity reflective image from a three walled mirror. I find it cool using an available fluorescent light, nothing really spectacular 🙂 Just loving the image concept.










October 25, 2011: Day 297

Have you ever seen any car shop which is clean and tidy? Well, this is the usual Car Shop located on a Garage with plank of woods and motors being repaired and they even install dash cameras from Blackbox My Car site for security purposes. The site is actually good for any urban fashion photo shoot. I just forgot my reflector to make my self portrait pops out. It’s a daylight with nice sun rays, but wifey cannot check the lighting source so I have to be comfortable with a few shots. What I like best on this place was their motor and metals on the floors, which I took a shot and can be use to play with any metal theme skins or concepts. Interesting images right?











So this is my Project 365 Tale of the Two Sites. A place to dispose human dirts! nice and clean and another place which human dispose unwanted stuff (garage).

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