Day 289/365: Happy Valley, Hong Kong’s Best Restaurant

October 17, 2011

Heavy Dinner Hunt! Yang Chow? Noodles? Braised Beef? Fried Pork or Duck? – Welcome to Happy Valley! serving Hong-Kong Best Food!

On its walls and media write ups. It is named after one of Hong Kong’s famous race horse tracks, Happy Valleys aims to provide customers with the carefree dining custom of HK while saving the distinct dishes and food flavors. They started operation in July of 2007, and only served steamed rice topped with pork, chicken or beef to mimic Hong Kong’s street side food stalls. but now they already expanded their menus with Cantonese dishes like noodles, dim sums and main courses.

Of course, we usually get the house specialty so we ordered for Lechon Macau, a Happy Valley’s version of Lechon Kawali topped with a sweet soy based sauce;. Other house specialties are Pata Bihon, traditional pansit bihon topped with slabs of pork leg – the pata is cooked together with the bihon which gives the dish a distinct sweet and meaty flavor; Sweet and Sour Pork, their version of this staple Chinese dish is very unique because the pork is relatively crispy and noticeably sweet. These dishes are reasonably price. For a group of 3 to 4 for a budget of 200 each is already a full dinner and we even have our doggie bag.

Other dishes include, Seafood Spinach Soup, Steamed Fish Fillet, Beef Kenchi – campto platter, a variety of dim sum, noodles and congee dishes and the Soy-stewed Beef Spaghetti – Happy Valley’s first attempt to introduce East meets West Hong Kong cuisine.

It is not your typical hole in the wall restaurant, given they offer good service and yummy-value meals.


Located at #58 Granada St. (Gilmore Ave ext.) Villa Ortigas II, Quezon City. They also do deliveries within the vicinity of San Juan and Greenhills (726 1135 and 707 4577).


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